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Plan My Wedding is Southern Africa’s first premium online wedding planning platform and the largest source for wedding news and inspiration. We’ll help you stay at the forefront of wedding trends while planning your complete wedding one step at a time!


When Chelsea founded the Plan My Wedding concept, she established one mission in mind, “To help couples getting married in Southern Africa plan and coordinate the finest details of their wedding from anywhere in the world”.

After years of experience, learning the aches and pains of couples planning their own wedding, there was simply no resources available in Southern Africa, with an overall experience. 

Even with the endless supply of resources available in this day in age, you can still find yourself not knowing where to begin and couples could definitely do with better planning resources in getting to the “nitty gritty” of the actual planning and ticking the items off their checklist, making this process a lot less stressful.

We vow to make planning your wedding easy, less stressful and fun for everyone involved. We want to help couples for many years to come, plan amazing memorable weddings and we hope you will be our next couple!

Our Founder

Chelsea Evans | Plan My Wedding CVO

Chelsea Bartosz

Soft spoken, yet fun-loving and energetic, Chelsea has always been a humble and diligent individual. After achieving outstanding results 2 diploma’s (cumlauder) and a higher degree.

Looking for something that could combine everything she loved – creativity, business, travelling and people – she has always been dedicated to the startup and business ecosystem where she finds herself based. Creating exceptional relationships during her time spent at The Aleit Group, Iba Global as well as Korevest Leisure Management Group, Blackhorse Investments and Travelstart, she decided to combine her love for these, putting this into action by founding Plan My Wedding (Mnet Shark Tank Finalist & Winner, securing 2 investors) With her vast knowledge in the International startup and business world she is determined to see a change in the world through supporting and mentoring entrepreneurs and businesses around the world. “My life is a bit of an African love affair really, coming from Zimbabwe, living in Mozambique and operating in South Africa! Starting Plan My Wedding and the family business is simply crossing another frontier.” Says Chelsea. Chelsea takes on her days with great confidence and realises everyday her love of gratifying and motivating peoples mindsets through her company specialising as a business strategist, identifying market gaps and innovative solutions to drive profit, incorporating social impact, empowering and equipping individuals to be the best version of themselves. Chelsea lives life completely, honestly and compassionately – with a healthy dose of reality and a creative imagination.

Her motto – ‘anything is possible if you set your mind to it.’

Find her on LinkedIn Here

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Jackie Cable

Chief Executive Editor

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Jackie Cable

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For couples

Find everything from wedding planners to wedding suppliers, Inspiration, ideas and tips, formal wear, bridal gowns, florists, caterers, bands, wedding music, wedding locations and venues, limos and transportation, and much more  as well as putting all the elements together while still maintaining a level of sanity and avoiding those “bridezilla” moments, all in one simple to use application!

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Founded in 2013 with one vision in mind to make wedding planning virtual, first world easy and fun!