Your Zodiac Wedding Dress Guide

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Let the stars decide your fate with our zodiac wedding dress guide!

Look to the stars for inspiration on your wedding dress! Spiritual consultants share their knowledge of how your sun, moon, rising, and Venus signs all affect how you’ll land on your look for the aisle.

Let Love, and our zodiac wedding dress guide, help you find your dream wedding dress!


This is a bride who is not afraid to be bold and daring. The first sign of the zodiac, you are a pioneer who likes to do things your own way and wear things that haven’t been seen before. Her ideal pick? A modern yet sassy style.


Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus represents beauty and creativity, so wedding dress shopping is right up the Taurus bride’s alley. Touch is also extremely important to those born under this sign, making tactile fabrics key to the wedding dress shopping experience. Delicate lace, floral appliqués and rich, smooth silks are all welcome additions. That said, the Taurus bride’s style is timeless. The ideal gown will be eye-catching and feminine.


Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Geminis will want a dress worth talking about. You are all about options and versatility, so expect to have wardrobe changes throughout the night, or a gown that converts easily from one look to another. Remember, Gemini is the ultimate air sign, so the look should be just that: airy. You need a dress that has room for you to breathe, dance, and move around in.


Those born under this particular sign have a profound appreciation for old world style. A vintage-inspired gown is the only way to go for the Cancer bride. Head-to-toe lace, Victorian necklines and corset-style bodices are par for the course, as are sheath and A-line silhouettes that draw the eye to the natural waist.


This bride is bold, enthusiastic, and wants a look that will take their guests’ (and their Instagram followers’) breath away. A Leo bride will be looking for a dress that takes up space; she’s looking to treat the aisle as her own personal fashion show. Leo is ruled by the sun, so this bride will be seeking the spotlight to shine just as bright. This is the bride likely to wear something that sparkles, has loads of volume, or even something that has gold embroidery.


The devil is in the details, says the Virgo. From appliqué to embroidery, thread work, pleating, and anything in between, Virgos appreciate attention to detail. This bride will love anything that’s complicated in its construction, but effortless in its appeal.

This bride is simple and classic, but not necessarily traditional.


Like the Taurus, the Libra is ruled by Venus, a lover of all things beautiful. Brides born under this sign gravitate toward glitzy embellishments, feminine allure and over-the-top beauty. The ideal bridal gown for the Libra boasts rich, detailed fabrics like elegantly appointed lace or sumptuous satin, with eye-catching accents and supremely sexy details; sheer panels, deep V-necklines and leg-baring high-low hems are par for the course


Scorpio brides will either want to cover it up or reveal it all.
This sign has a penchant for sex appeal and is all about silhouettes that make one feel sultry and powerful. You love to keep up the mystique, and a long, sheer veil will add the touch of mystery to your look. This sign may not be as “look at me” as a Leo, but a Scorpio bride will want to make a statement.


This is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet. A Sagittarian wants to throw a big party and will require a dress that makes just as big of an impact. High-low silhouettes, slim styles with voluminous overskirts, and drop-waist ball gowns all feel right to a Sagittarius woman, who’s naturally drawn to hybrids, mixing and matching, and merging two ideas into one. This bride isn’t one to stress about the details; she’s more about shape and structure


Bridal suiting, or a dress with a collar, would be a something you’d gravitate toward. This sign is ruled by the bones, joints, and the skeletal system, and so a corseted dress with boning that highlights angular parts of the frame, like the collar bones, would likely stand out to a Capricorn. This bride is matter-of-fact, traditional, and doesn’t love to explore new things.


An Aquarius is going to think outside the box of classic, white, lace wedding gowns. She’s going to defy the standard bridal norms, either in silhouette, embroideries, or the color of her gown. an Aquarius is a trendsetter, but she’ll then want everyone to embrace that as the new norm. As a result, she’s more likely to consider a soft gray, a barely-there blush, or a cream tone, rather than a bold color for the aisle.


Oh, dreamy Pisces. In one word, you’re ethereal. You’re attracted to things with a hint of timelessness, but you’re the rainbow fish of the sea—you’re all about standing out for your dainty, feminine, and goddess-like ways. If you were a goddess, you’d most likely be Amphitrite, goddess of the sea. You belong on the beach, love the ocean, and want to feel like a mermaid.

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