Why a Road Trip Honeymoon May Be the Best Ever

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So, you’re getting married! Besides planning for the perfect ceremony and reception, there’s one more important and exciting event to consider: the honeymoon! Your honeymoon is the ultimate vacation; if you have a dream destination or activity, now’s the time to head out and do it! And the possibilities are endless. You could take a trip overseas or to a tropical island or—if you’re the extra adventurous type—go on a road trip with your new spouse! Although at first glance a road trip might not be the most exotic or exciting of honeymoons, it can actually be one of the most wonderful options for your first trip as a married couple, and here’s why!


A newlywed couple on a roadrip honeymoon having a picnic by their car.

Going on a road trip for your honeymoon means you have ultimate freedom on everything involved: where you stay, what you do, what you eat, how long you’re on the road, when you leave, etc. Pretty much everything is up to you! Do you want to stay and hang out with all of your friends and family the morning after your big day? Do it! When you’re going on a road trip, you can leave when you want to! You can drive as far as you want to! You can even do as much advanced planning (or not) as you want to! A road trip gives you the ultimate in vacation assets—freedom and flexibility.

Do you love to relax on the beach? Ride giant roller coasters? Visit National Parks? See plays? Eat Thai food? Whatever you want to do and see, you can on a road trip. Plot a course or just see where the wind takes you! You can even theme your road trip. If you and your sweetheart know you love going to the movies, make it a mission to go to 10 different movie theaters along the way. Or if you know you want to spend lots of time relaxing, search online for the best spas along your planned route and visit as many as possible. Just because you’re on a road trip doesn’t mean it can’t be tailored to exactly what you love. In fact, it might be the easiest way to do precisely what suits you and your new spouse best.


Road trips are the ultimate fuel for adventure. Their unpredictability and plethora of activity options make this a great choice for a fun-loving couple who wants to figure it out as they go along! Consider downloading an app like Roadside America or RoadTrippers to help find unique and interesting places to stop along the way. Half (or more) of the fun of a road trip is the time it takes to get to your destination, so don’t ignore the importance of seeing a road sign for a cool attraction and turning off the highway to check it out! What better way to start the adventure that is marriage than by exploring new places together?

Uninterrupted Time Together

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Quite possibly the greatest benefit to choosing a road trip for your honeymoon is the enormous amount of one-on-one time you get to spend together! And not just time being in the same place, but talking, listening to music, telling stories, reliving your phenomenal wedding day, and getting to know each other even more than you ever have! There’s nothing better than spending a beautiful day with the windows down, wind blowing through your hair, belting music at the top of your lungs, or holding hands over the middle console while you tell each other childhood stories and embarrassing moments and tales of the trips you’ve taken and the ones you dream of taking someday. Do not underestimate the sheer magic that is spending hours upon hours of uninterrupted time together, especially at the start of your marriage!


Nothing will teach you teamwork and togetherness better than a good old-fashioned road trip. From choosing where to stay or who’s driving, to helping each other pack the car or helping the driver open a beverage or choosing a radio station that you both love, it is a HUGE bonding opportunity to work together in such a fun way. Especially after what can often be a stressful time with wedding planning, it’s really fun to get to work together on something where only the two of you have an opinion. The low-key, mellow vibe of a nice road trip honeymoon can be a really great contrast to the overwhelm of wedding planning.

When you’re deciding among the many wonderful choices for a honeymoon trip, consider the benefits of using this vacation time to take a road trip! Whether you like adventure, flexibility, or just spending lots of one-on-one time together, a road trip can be a great fit for many couples starting off their married lives! Happy adventuring!

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