To stream or not to stream. The Ultimate Guide to Organizing the Perfect Virtual Wedding

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Covid 19 has completely transformed industries and how people approach work and events and the wedding industry has not spared. Thanks to technology, unlike in the 1920s when the Flu Struck, events have not been totally cancelled. Whilst it has been practically impossible throughout most of the year(even now) to go large on your wedding with all your loved ones involved, you can still have your event and stream it online with just as much fanfare and enthusiasm. 

We don’t want you to feel the devastation of having to change your entire itinerary but rather, refocus, replan and have that perfect event of your dreams by streaming it and having your loved ones join you virtually from all over the world. 

Let’s Dive into it, the guide for organizing the perfect Virtual Wedding. 

1. Have your team in place

One thing about a Virtual Event is that it’s still an event which means that there are logistics that are involved if the event is to be a success. This is why you need to assemble a team to work with. You will need ambient surroundings and an environment that you will appreciate since this is possibly the most important event of your life.

2. Choose a Platform 

The platform you will choose to stream on will be more important than the team you have. You are spoilt for choice usually when it comes to platforms to work with when it comes to virtual events. You have the option to do a one way stream where people can watch(Instagram and Facebook is perfect for this) or do a two way stream where you will also see your guests(Zoom and Google Hangouts would be perfect). It’s important that you even take the time to educate your guests on how they can use the platforms for the purposes of etiquette. 

3. The Invites

Do you remember the last time you received an invite to a loved one’s wedding? Do you remember how special and wanted you felt? Chances are your guests will few the same when they receive their own invite to your Virtual Wedding. Yes there a lot of options that you can use for Virtual Invites but none will beat the old fashion, well designed, perfectly coloured wedding invite. Make your guests blush. 

4. Decorate

One of the Advantages of Virtual Weddings is that they will help you save on necessities like food and a band which means you can go all out on decorating. Remember how you imagined your aisle would look like and how breathtaking it would feel just basking yourself in those flowers whilst walking down on it? Make sure that you don’t devolve yourself of that feeling. Just go at your local market, pick up a few bouquets and go for it. 

5. Take Photos

Photos are a huge part of the Celebration, don’t leave them out. For the videography, you can always use your livestream video as the main wedding video and have a Social Distanced Photographer to capture your memories in real time. 

After all is said and done, you can have the perfect wedding regardless of how you do it. What’s more important for you is having it. Hope you’ve gotten some insights.

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