The Best Locations for a Fall Wedding

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A bride wearing a sweater at her fall wedding.

Autumn is one of the most popular times of year to have a wedding, and understandably so! The mild temperatures, fresh feeling to the season, and colorful foliage in many places simply can’t be beat! If you’re looking for a beautiful location for a fall wedding, here are a few gorgeous options for you to add to your list of potential perfect spots!


With a lush, green environment and unbeatable, laid-back vibe, Vermont is a fantastic place to hold you nuptials! If you’re looking for a rustic barn with sweeping fields—and sometimes even adorable animals—Vermont is a perfect state to start your search! Classic covered bridges, perfectly quaint farmhouses, and a lot of love for a natural environment make these views hard to beat! Not to mention, of course, the potential for absolutely stunning fall foliage! Plus, Vermont is the original home of Ben & Jerry’s, and what better occasion is there to celebrate than a wedding? Go tour the factory if you’re anywhere near Burlington—you won’t regret it!


Richmond in fall

With decently mild weather and many historic inns, mansions, and other facilities, Virginia is a great location for an autumn wedding! Some venues even have several options to choose from for hosting your ceremony. The Maymont in Richmond, for example, has six separate locations for the ceremony alone, including an Italian garden, a nature center, and a stone barn with exposed granite walls!

The classic Virginian colonial architecture and variety of options help give you so much control over customizing your big day. And although it’s not New England, Virginia’s views still show beautiful color during the autumn months, making it a more central destination if traveling all the way up north isn’t feasible.


California might seem like an uncommon choice for a fall wedding, but the incredible views at Yosemite National Park during an autumn might just change your mind. Not only will the scenery take your guests’ breath away, but your photographs have the potential to be unreal, with cliffs, mountains, and all manner of other unbelievable backdrops for your big day. There’s even a chapel in Yosemite Valley if you’d prefer to have a more traditional or faith-focused ceremony. The climate is also pretty calm this time of year until the rainfall starts amping up in November, so an early autumn Yosemite wedding would be great timing and would provide a lovely, unique event for your family and friends!

New Hampshire

New Hampshire lake in the fall

You really can’t get better New England foliage than in New Hampshire; there’s a reason this state is well-known for its “Leaf Peeper” tourist season. In addition to the incredible colors of the natural surroundings, there are several amazing, unique location options. A traditional barn wedding is absolutely possible, of course, but you also might consider having your celebration in an apple orchard or a more classic winery. And because New Hampshire has both mountain ranges and seaside spots, you’re sure to find the exact perfect place for you and your finacè to spend your wedding day!


In early autumn particularly, Montana is a stunning place to have a wedding. If your aesthetic is more of a ranch style, there are many gorgeous options here. Although the weather can be a bit variable towards the end of the season, a September or October ranch wedding would be perfect. Many locations provide both indoor and outdoor spaces for maximum photographic and entertainment potential! The Ranch at Rock Creek in Phillipsburg has nine separate locations on site, with indoor and outdoor options, which gives you a ton of versatility over your day!


Maine lake in the fall

If you’re really looking for a classic autumn surrounding, look no further than the state of Maine. Maine’s slogan is “The Way Life Should Be,” and it takes that motto very seriously with its incredible views and homegrown spirit! Maine is also home to several beautiful lakes, so if a lakeside ceremony would be your dream, this might be the place to check out! It’s impossible to get away from the stunning natural surroundings here, and it is sure to make the perfect location for any true fan of all things fall! Does Maine sound like the perfect spot for you and your sweetheart? Throw on your LL Bean boots and head on up there!

Although every state has some wonderful venues available during these gorgeous, transitional months of autumn, the above options are some of the most unique, beautiful places in the country to host your ceremony. If you want gorgeous fall colors to be a part of the timeless photographs and stunning aesthetic of your wedding, these places will not disappoint!

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