Seasonal Flowers for a Winter Wedding

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A bride with winter bouquet of greenery

When you think of winter, you certainly don’t think of flowers—so when it comes to a winter wedding, flowers are a worrying issue. What’s even available? Don’t settle at your winter wedding; check out this list of in-season flowers.

Calla Lily

Here’s one that almost everyone’s heard of. When you think of Calla lilies, do you think of spring? Well actually, these wonderful blooms are readily available for your winter wedding! The perfect winter flower, these blooms are show stoppers with their curving bell shape and cream color.


White chairs at a wedding ceremony decorated with a small bouquet of roses.

These are absolutely timeless and classic. They are the perfect winter wedding flower because they’re so versatile. Not only are they widely available, but they come in tons of different shades. Large and beautiful, they add value to almost any arrangement.


While not everybody’s favorite, these flowers are actually extremely useful, hardy, and can fill in an arrangement or bouquet nicely.


A bride wearing a long sleeved dress and holding a small bouquet of white flowers.

Commonly called Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas, these flowers feature small blooms and come in multiple shades. They are fun yet elegant flowers with adorable spotted markings.


These flowers look great in bunches and come in a few beautiful shades. The best color for winter is probably their dark red variety, which never disappoints.


A table at a wedding reception decorated with white orchids and candles.

Here’s one you may not have thought of. Orchids are typically seen in homes or fancy Japanese restaurants. Who knew they could also work for weddings? There are some really cool bouquet ideas that include this exotic flower that you’re going to want to check out. Orchids come in some unique colors as well that will help you pull off any look you’re going for.


This flower is traditionally seen around the Christmas holidays. While it’s less traditional for weddings, if you’re going for a holiday look these aren’t a bad choice.

Gerbera Daisy

A white bouquet for a winter wedding with a pair of wedding bands on it.

You’ve probably seen these daisies around somewhere. They carry a fun, almost cartoon-ish look that’s perfect for happy occasions, such as a winter wedding!


Also known as the Christmas Rose, these flowers are dainty and come in a few different shades. There are even some varieties that are multicolored with a beautiful purple edge. They look absolutely gorgeous when squished together, and when placed this way are reminiscent of peonies.


A large bridal bouquet with pink flowers.

The great news about winter weddings is that lilies are still available at this time so if you dreamed of a wedding with lilies, you’re in luck. Lilies come in a few different common varieties. There’s the stargazer that is typically available during the winter along with the Casablanca lily, an all-white variety. These may be perfect for your winter wedding, especially the Casablanca, which could give your bouquet a soft snowy look.


Phlox are another flower that are easy to acquire during the winter months. If you haven’t seen them before, their blooms are tiny and grow in bunches together. Their colors range from white to a bright fuchsia. The white could be perfect for a winter-themed wedding. If you’re going for a brighter look more reminiscent of spring or summer, you can always choose the purple or pink variety.


A bride in the snow wearing a lace dress and holding a bouuet of evergreens.

Don’t forget about winter’s true flower: pine. Although evergreens are not technically a flower, their wonderfully deep green branches can certainly be used like one. Add a few evergreen sprigs to your bouquet to add some seasonal flair, or even as a tablescape item.

Queen Anne’s Lace

Commonly mistaken for a weed, these wildflowers are a diamond in the rough when winter weddings are concerned. These large white blooms that resemble lace are the crisp elegance you need for your wedding. Not only do these flowers add tremendously to the look of an arrangement, but they also help to fill up any empty space making everything look more full and luscious.

Limonium (Statice)

Here’s another great filler flower. Limonium, also commonly called Statice, is a deep purple color that would go perfectly with white flowers. It’s a hearty flower that holds up in a bouquet or other tight arrangement. Unlike the Gerbera Daisy, Limonium don’t require any support in an arrangement. They hold up on their own and always look fabulous.

Some may be turned off from the idea of a winter wedding because the season itself is dark and barren. This doesn’t have to be the case for your winter wedding, though! You can make your celebration however festive you like with these excitingly versatile blooms. With a little research, you can easily find some of these flowers for sale near you that will help achieve the ambiance you want.

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