How to Use the Coastal Grandmother Trend in Your Wedding

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A wedding ceremony set up on a beach.

The “coastal grandmother” trend started on TikTok and seems to have taken the world by storm this summer! This means that it applies to more than your beach attire, but also other parts of your life such as the way you decorate your home, the music you listen to, the media you consume, and, yes, the style and vibe of your wedding. If you’re loving all things coastal grandmother and want to incorporate the trend into your wedding day, you’ve come to the right place! There are many creative ways to do so, so read on to learn them all.

What Is the Coastal Grandmother Trend?

You may be wondering what this coastal grandmother trend is really all about. The trend was coined on TikTok at the beginning of the season, and it’s really taken off since then. This style gravitates towards sophisticated neutrals, light and breezy linens that are simple to wear, and style that is commonly associated with being seaside. Many followers of this trend associate it with the style of a Nancy Meyers movie—Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday, It’s Complicated, and Home Again.

Send out Simple and Elegant Invitations

A blue wedding invitation suite surrounded by seashells.

Your invitation suite is a great way to embrace the coastal grandmother trend and to set the tone for your event. Focus on suites with simplicity and elegance while incorporating botanicals, greenery, or coastal elements. For instance, Paper Source’s Coral suite is a great example of this or their Green Garland option is another suite worth checking out to be on theme.

Choose a Light and Breezy Wedding Dress

A bride next to a bridesmaid wearing a green dress.

As a bride, embracing the coastal grandmother style is another way to really bring that aesthetic to the table for your wedding. For instance, when choosing your wedding dress, go with something that’s light and breezy. Something flowy rather than stiff or super form-fitting definitely fits this trend. Soft, billowy fabrics that are comfortable yet elegant are a must. You’ll also want to embrace the simplicity of the style, although light embellishments are welcome on the dress, too.

You can also embrace this style in your other wedding-centric outfits, too! For instance, opt for a light and breezy rehearsal dinner dress and the same goes for your attire for your wedding shower and bachelorette party. Keep in mind that all of these pieces should be classic, simple, elegant, and comfortable to wear.

Use Garden Fresh Flowers

A bridal bouquet of blue and pink flowers.

Flowers are a big part of weddings, and they also are a natural fit with the coastal grandmother vibe. Your wedding bouquet should look like it was freshly picked from your garden to play into this trend, with big blooms in neutral shades that are overflowing rather than being in a super formed shape. You can also attain this aesthetic with the flowers you use in your ceremony and reception. For your ceremony, consider a lush floral arch as the focal point of your ceremony (besides you and your future spouse, of course!). For your reception, overflowing floral arrangements flanked by candles also helps to achieve the desired aesthetic. You want these arrangements to be striking yet simple in nature, avoiding too many different color combinations or adornments to stay true to this specific style.

Embrace Coastal Elements

What would the coastal grandmother trend be without the “coast” part, right? If you’re having a wedding in a seaside location, then this will be naturally embedded into your event. However, if you’re not, you can still incorporate more coastal elements into your big day. Consider adding oyster shells or sea glass as decor or even as your place cards to add to this feel. Also, use rattan and wicker where you can to give off a vibe that is reminiscent of a beach house. These easy additions can really make your wedding feel like it’s by the sea, even if it’s not.

Your coastal grandmother wedding may be following a trend, but it will also stand the test of time. That’s because coastal grandmother itself is defined as classic and elegant style that’s rooted in comfort, which is always stylish, chic, and desirable.

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