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Welcome to the freezing cold month of December…. but not in the Paperlust office because the whole of Melbourne city is warm and sunny so sadly we never get a chance to experience a winter Christmas wonderland. It is less than four weeks to the new year and we are very excited to see what you (yes you!) are coming up with for the next 12 months. If you’ve ended up here on this blog, you would know that we are famous for our wedding invitations and signs. However if you just have a few extra minutes to browse our site, you will understand that our products go beyond wedding ceremonies and birthdays. So today we are going to introduce you to some additional products that we have, from wedding anniversaries to couple’s wedding showers, everything you need is here.


50th wedding anniversary invitations – free templates

Let’s start with the golden age of marriage, the ultimate 50, a special day for couples who have shared half a century with a soulmate of their own. It is no surprise that the 50th wedding anniversary is one of the most celebrated wedding anniversaries, both by the married couple themselves and by their friends and family. Since it’s just as special as the actual wedding fifty years ago, there is nothing wrong with going the extra mile with the invitations. We’ve selected our best 50th anniversary wedding invitations templates and make it available for you to download and customize with your own details using Photoshop.

Eucalyptus – free printable 50th wedding anniversary invitations

The first one is this Eucalyptus design, which is very famous for the enticing greeneries that perfectly frame the texts within. The font selections are also very delicate and timeless making it suitable for any event including the 50th wedding anniversary.



Myrtle Gentry – free printable 50th wedding anniversary invitations

With the second one, we love to go dark but still with a floral theme. This design is perfectly reminiscent of the night blooming flowers. Topped with a dazzling touch of gold, it brings this design to a new level without being too much. This Myrtle Gentry design is available for you to customize (and print at home) by clicking the button below.

Myrtle Gentry


Couples wedding shower invitations templates

A couple’s wedding shower might not be a very familiar concept for many people. However, since weddings have started to become less traditional, the rule breaking has even extended to the bridal shower. It is now a party for both sets of family and friends! Couple’s wedding showers are the perfect time to go the extra mile with all the fun activities and group games. So if you’re currently planning to have a couple’s wedding shower and don’t know where to start, we have got you covered. Just a few scrolls down below and you will be able to download our newest couples shower wedding invitations photoshop template for free.

Marigold Couples Shower Wedding Invitations Photoshop

This marigold design is a good idea for anyone looking for a contemporary looking design with a touch of romantic vibe. We adore the selection of script fonts which enhance the design just perfectly. Now the most exciting part is that this gorgeous Marigold design is available in printable Photoshop template on the link below.



Neutral couple’s wedding shower invitations templates

The next design from us is this simple design called Neutral which is just as modern as couples wedding showers are. It represents the trendy arch design with a touch of earthy brown colors. If you are a fan of muted colors, geometric and perfectly aligned design, this Neutral is just for you. Tap on the black button below and it will be all yours.

Neutral couple’s


SVG wedding invitations templates free download

Last but not least, let’s go back to where it all started in Paperlust, weddings. When we speak about weddings, we always have these butterflies just like those on the first day in love. We could not stop embracing thousands of designer’s creations out there and adore how they can produce such beautiful designs that each one is a perfect match to every single wedding in this world. We’ve curated our favourite editable wedding invitation templates for free download below and they are available for you to customise yourself. Here goes the list!

Classic Letter DIY wedding invitations templates free

This special invitation format has never gone out of style. Resembling a vintage paper invitation, this Classic Letter design is perfect if you are looking for something minimalist and personal with the look of handwritten texts and a printed stamp on the corner.

Classic Letter


Fall Leaves design and free fonts for wedding invitations

This incredible design is inspired by a very minimal and fresh take on a fall winter wedding invitation set, with beautiful dried leaves and a hint of terracotta. Fall Leaves design would be perfect if you are planning for a seasonal style event. Customise your very own invitations below.

Fall Leaves


Amla free wedding clipart for invitations

Our next favourite design is this culturally-influenced design of Amla. If you’re a fan of gold colour but don’t want the actual gold shine from foil printing, this design is perfect for you. The ornaments on the corner give an extra touch to this simple modern invitation.



Olive wedding invitations Photoshop template

The final set in this list is this Olive design which was specially crafted to suit any outdoor or garden weddings. If you happen to be planning on having one, then this design is just for you. While most people love keeping the writings simply black, some others like to give a nice gold foil touch on the names as the highlight.

Olive wedding


Or get Custom Wedding Invitations from Paperlust

Thousands of customers have trusted their event invitations (wedding, birthday, christening and so on) to Paperlust and we would love you to be a part of it too. Whether you need wedding anniversary invitations or couples shower invitations, we have something that will work perfectly for any occasion. However, if none of the designs suggested above are quite what you were looking for, then please send an inquiry our way at or browse hundreds of pre-made invitations on our website. We’re always one click away so give us a call and let our experts guide you through. Speak soon!

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