Fall 2022 Wedding Trends

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A table at a wedding reception decorated with orange flowers and white and wood accents.

Wedding season is officially back! This summer has been a busy one for sure, but just wait for fall! Couples are shaking up conventional wedding trends and getting creative. From unique décor and entertainment to bucket list items, this fall is sure to be HOT—even if the weather is cooling down.

Unconventional Receptions

A dessert table at a wedding reception.

It’s time to shake things up! If the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have taught us anything, it’s that we need more fun in our lives. Couples are ditching many stuffy traditions and trading them out with fun alternatives. Receptions are becoming more of a guest “experience” now. Interactive entertainment such as jugglers, fire throwers, and themed actors are surprising and fun for guests attending your wedding reception. Food trucks, sustainable catering, and unique desserts are also popular, offering guests more than just their typical chicken or steak option. Instead of the marathon reception schedule that leaves guests to their own devices while the couple takes part in pictures, and dance after dance after toast…couples are including their guests in the experience. Group dances, DJ toasts, and pre-wedding photo sessions are great ways to include your guests while also maximizing your party time. This upcoming fall wedding season is full of fun and unique ideas. Feel free to get creative!

Modern Affairs

A neon sign at a wedding decorated with flowers.

For the last few years, rustic outdoor weddings (incorporating wood and the go-to Mason jar) have been a staple for wedding motifs. But we are now seeing those trends quickly flying out the window in favor of bolder, more modern designs. This fall, couples are gravitating toward warm metallics like rust and antique golds, paired with pops of bright colors like hot pinks, greens, and blues. Instead of whimsical traditional flowers in neutral colors, get creative with unexpected textures and foliage such as assorted nuts and seeds like acorns and pinecones, and even feathers. Our favorite handwritten chalk boards are also disappearing fast, but a surprising trend with custom neon signs have been very popular. Think bright and chic!

Destination Weddings

A bride and groom on a small boat in Europe.

With most of the world re-opening their doors to travelers, couples are salivating at the chance to celebrate their special day with a big party AND a vacation. Destinations such as Mexico, the Dominican Republic and parts of the Caribbean have become major hot spots. These destinations not only have picturesque settings, but they also offer wedding packages to fit most budgets. What’s shocking is that they’re also trending to be less expensive than a traditional domestic wedding. Who doesn’t want to get married in paradise and save money?! For more generous budgets, European destinations such as Greece, Italy, and Spain are beautiful escapes and offer unique cultural experiences. Or, maybe you’d love to be married at sea and spend a nice long week cruising and visiting multiple destinations! Many cruise ships have great wedding packages at reasonable prices.

Long Weekends

A table of food at a brunch-themed party.

Weddings are often what brings family and friends from near and far all together in one place. But the days leading up to the wedding are hectic, and couples usually don’t have a lot of time to spend with everyone who is gathering to see them. Then, the wedding day goes by so fast that many couples can’t fit in any more than a quick hug and hello to each of their guests, sometimes not even seeing them at all! Drawing the event out over a couple of days is getting increasingly popular and turns what typically is a rushed one-day affair into an intimate and slower paced one. With a ceremony on the evening of one day, the morning after brunch and activities the next, followed up by a hopping party, guests and family have more time to celebrate with the happy couple and it relieves some of the rushed chaos of cramming it all into one day.

Honeymoon Registries

A newlywed couple on a tropical honeymoon.

Honeymoon registries are not a new trend, but they’re still going strong! With many couples already living together or having established homes of their own, the traditional “Bed Bath and Beyond” registries are no longer necessary. Many websites offer free honeymoon registries for couples to set up and share with their guests. The couple can write a personalized note as to why they chose the honeymoon fund and can even send thank you notes directly to the guests from the website. It’s all easy, practical, and convenient!

Whether you’re beginning the wedding planning process or getting married very soon, it’s clear from this 2022’s fall wedding trends are unique and fun. Enjoy incorporating personalized activities and décor that don’t necessarily fit the traditional box. Or, get a little adventurous and consider combining your dream vacation with your dream day. Whichever direction you decide, go forward in love and fun.

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