Evite Wedding Invitations: The Pros and Cons

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With the rise of technology and paperless campaigns all over the world, some are starting to shift their messaging and event announcing activities to digital mail and social media sharing. Even with special events such as weddings and birthdays, sending digital invitations over messaging apps or email has become an option for a lot of people. This made some of our fellow wedding vendors question about what we think of this culture shift and what makes us keep producing printed invitations.

The main reason is simple, there is nothing that can replace the personal touch of having to be invited personally to a party of our beloved people, with all the love wrapped in a thoughtful personalized design printed on luxe paper. It might seem small and insignificant, but that is the same reason why millions of people still use printed invitations for their weddings. So keep on reading as we elaborate the lowdown of the pros and cons of evite wedding invitations.


Pros of Evite Wedding Invitations

Pro: You can create your own for free

Digital wedding invitations are easy to make. All you need is just design software installed on your computer or a Canva account. You are free to use any fonts that you like with the colour of your wedding theme. Another helpful thing is to have premium access to images and elements such as Shutterstock and Shutterfly so you can be more creative in designing your own invites. Basically, if you have either of these resources available to use, you don’t have to spend money on anything else towards your digital invitations. However, if you have a very specific design in mind and want to get the designer’s feedback, having a graphic designer take care of your design will be a perfect way to keep you sane.


Pro: You may save money

Sending your invitations digitally means you don’t need to spend a penny on postage and printing costs. If you have some design skills, you can use any design software you have on your computer and save it into a Jpeg or PDF file which is easy to distribute. Sending emails and text messages also won’t charge you anything. So if you’re running a very tight budget, opting for electronic wedding invitations could be a wise choice. 


Pro: You can avoid printing delays

We know sometimes you can’t help but to deal with unprofessional wedding invitation vendors who were not able to keep their promised ETA or were very hard to reach. Sometimes they are very good and reliable, but anything can happen in the production room which results in delayed printing. There are things that are out of their control, but to have your account manager get back to you saying there will be a one-week delay to your long-awaited invites is surely another pain in the neck. These definitely won’t happen if you have digital wedding invitations which are less fuss and pain. 


Pro: They won’t get lost in postage or damaged

The worst thing that can happen to evite wedding invitations is for them to go to spam and be left unseen for months. You don’t have to worry about the rain or other things that could damage your invitations during the delivery. Also, you can save time following up with your guests to check whether they receive the invitations or not and to wait for them to send back RSVP cards to you. For electronic wedding invitations, all you need to ensure is just your guest’s valid email address or phone number you will send the invitations to. 


Cons of E Wedding Invitations

Cons: Some of your guests are offline

Evite wedding invitations might be very practical and easy to distribute for you, but does your guest experience the same thing too? Some of your guests might not be very tech-savvy nor are social media people who are always in the loop. Some of them are more present in real life and might only check their emails once in a while. As you must not want them to miss out on your invitations, so if you decide to keep using digital invitations, you need to get in touch with your guests a few weeks after sending out invitations to make sure they receive it.


Cons: The tangible arrival

Can you imagine the feeling when you order something online, and it is something you’ve been totally waiting for? How excited are you when the courier arrives and knocks on your door saying he brings your package today? There is nothing that can compare the weeks of waiting for the especially personalised invitations for your very own wedding and getting to be the first person to see it all. It is one special feeling to have a digitally created design turned into some beautifully crafted cards delivered straight to your front door.


Cons: The fun event of a mail

Digital communication is such a commodity these days. Based on We Are Social 2021 Report, people spent more than 6 hours on the internet daily, with half of them being over their phone. These digital interactions people perform each day increase the opportunity of losing a notification email for a digital invitation in the midst of continuous digital interactions. Speaking of the email inbox itself, it is almost impossible for us not to receive any promotional emails from the brands we are subscribed to. This increases the chance of any digital invitations being treated the same way as those promotional emails and it might end up in people’s spam folder. 

Now let’s see it from another perspective where your invitation is physical; how big is the chance it will arrive unnoticed? Imagine yourself as a guest receiving an invitation with your name written on the envelope. Your guests will love being addressed personally. They will surely can’t wait to pin it on the fridge and countdown to the big day with you.


Cons: Invitations as a keepsake

While not all people are memory collectors, some people are born as ones. Keeping memories as something you can hold onto can help you remember all the love that was shared on that special day. When the day has passed, keeping as many things as possible from your wedding will be something exciting to see in ten or twenty years time.  

Options for having evite wedding invitations or the printed ones are up to you depending on your needs and budget. The pros and cons listed above are what various sources implied, as well as what we gained from our experience talking with our customers. Here at Paperlust, we all love the sensation of freshly printed and cut cards. If you’re sharing the same interest with us and wondering how to turn your beautifully imagined wedding invitations into real life, our designers and customer service are more than happy to assist you with various print types and delicate paper options. 


Free Evite Wedding Invitations

Even though we are specialists in printed invitations, we understand that technology and the internet are inseparable from our lives. As much as we love our delicate and carefully printed wedding invitations, we understand the convenience of having to keep a copy of digital invitations to send to some family abroad and save on shipping costs. Keeping a digital copy will also help you if you have a last-minute guest to invite but don’t have leftover invitations.


Free digital version included with our print orders

Therefore, for every purchase of any invitations on the Paperlust website, you will have access to a free customised digital invitation in Jpeg or PDF format. If you think you require this service, simply write on the ‘special request’ box on the customise page about having digital invitations. Our customer service and designers will be delighted to assist you. 

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