Deckled edge wedding invitations – The true handmade paper wedding invitations

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When we speak about the trends in the wedding invitations industry, it’s not possible to keep up with the new concepts from creative hands all over the world. There will always be new design styles, new print types and paper stock which always gives us shivers whenever we see them for the first time in person. Today we’re going to talk about one of the most requested premium papers, the handmade paper for wedding invitations.

If you’re a fan of this type of paper and want to use it as your invitations, congratulations because you just tick-off your wishlist on having timeless and luxury wedding invitations before even start designing. Handmade paper is very noticeable as it has distinctive characteristics such as deckled edges, rough surface and unique shades. It gives classic premium touch to any wedding invitations and works best with minimal design and typography.

handmade paper wedding invitations

Handmade paper, just like its name, is created almost 100% by hand and sourced from used paper. Because of its process, the production of this paper takes longer than usual paper and that’s why it is more expensive compared to papers we can find in various paper suppliers and retail stores. Due to its special finishes, the deckled edge handmade paper has print limitations which make it not the most printer friendly paper to print on. The rough texture makes it impossible to print blocks of colour evenly or to expand decorative elements to the bleed area (the edge of the paper). Therefore, before proceeding to the design proofing process, we encourage our clients to share their design vision with us so we can discuss the best possible options if they are keen to go with this specialty paper.

handmade paper wedding invitations

We know that understanding the characteristics of each paper is sometimes confusing, that’s why we want to take the stress off your shoulders by letting you focus on what style you want to achieve and supply the wording while we handle everything in the design and printing process. Ordering deckled edge wedding invitations has never been this easy. Simply let our customer service team know about your dream invitations by filling the form below. We will get back to you with a quote and ask a few questions if we have one or two things to clarify with you.

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