A (gorgeous!) case for non-diamond engagement rings

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Today is a fabulous day, Cakies, because we get to go virtual engagement ring shopping with you! We all know that unique non traditional engagement rings are on the rise, and this just so happens to be sustainable jeweler Kristin Coffin‘s speciality. They are all about designing and crafting gorgeous non diamond engagement rings that make a statement and stand the test of time. Learn more as you get lost in these pretty photos below!

Kristin Coffin non traditional engagement ring no diamond

We may have gasped when we first saw these stunning rings in their pretty velvet boxes…

Kristin Coffin non traditional engagement ring no diamond

Why Non Diamond Engagement Rings?

Diamonds are a classic choice for wedding rings, but they are far from the only choice. And if you want your piece to reflect your values of artisan crafted, sustainable, and ethical sourcing, then alternative stones are definitely the way to go. Kristin Coffin blends an appreciation for skilled artisans with modern materials and unexpected designs. By crafting rings with recycled precious metals and lab-grown gems and diamonds, you don’t have to choose between a unique ring and a sustainably made one.

Kristin Coffin non traditional engagement ring no diamond

Nyx aqua-teal engagement ring

Kristin Coffin non traditional engagement ring no diamond

The company’s founder, artist Kristin Coffin, began selling handcrafted fine jewelry in 2007, having studied metalsmithing at the University of Vermont. After quickly gaining popularity, she expanded her team to include other talented artisans creating a full range of non traditional engagement rings and jewelry.

Kristin Coffin non traditional engagement ring no diamond

Artemis pear shaped engagement ring

Kristin Coffin non traditional engagement ring no diamond

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

If you’re new to the concept of lab grown diamonds, you’ll love to hear that they are identical to mined diamonds, and the only difference is where they came from. They are grown in labs that recreate the same environment that causes diamonds to form in the earth. The rough diamonds are then cut, polished, and graded just like a diamond mined from Earth. The results are every bit as real! Kristin Coffin offers a guide to lab grown diamonds for you to dive deeper, here.

Similarly, grown sapphires and other gemstones have the same molecular and optical properties as mined gems. Chatham gemstones, the ones used in many of the designs you see here, come from the same people who created the world’s first lab grown emerald. They are the experts on lab grown diamonds and gems.

Kristin Coffin non traditional engagement ring no diamond

Annika oval engagement ring accented by a unique halo of lab-grown diamonds.

salt and pepper diamond engagement ring

Salt and Pepper Engagement Rings

One of our favorite styles that Kristin Coffin offers are their salt and pepper engagement rings, like Anika above. Sooo pretty, right? These rings are all made from 100% recycled metals and made in the USA. Each design is uniquely nature and vintage inspired, with build your own options as well.

non diamond engagement rings

Talia peach-champagne sapphire engagement ring

non diamond engagement rings

What is Moissanite?

If you’ve already started shopping around for unique non traditional engagement rings, you may have heard the term moissanite. Moissanite is actually the second hardest gem on earth behind the diamond—with a higher brilliance and better fire—with a much smaller price tag. Now that moissanite can be lab-grown like diamonds, it’s become one of the best diamond-alternatives available. And actually, all moissanite on the market today is grown using these highly technological equipment and processes, since not enough of it occurs naturally on our planet.

non diamond engagement rings

One of each, please!

non diamond engagement rings

Reyna rose cut salt and pepper engagement ring / Talia emerald cut teal moissanite ring / Sofia grey moissanite vintage inspired engagement ring / Avery three-stone ring / Anika oval ring / Artemis pear peach sapphire

Most Kristin Coffin engagement rings are custom made to order, though they do offer select ready-to-ship designs.

Photography: Sophie Kaye Photography

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