8 Tips for DIYing Your Wedding

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A short table decorated for a wedding reception with candlesticks and pillows

If you’re big into crafting, then you’ve probably considered DIYing at least some parts of your wedding celebration. From the food to the décor, your crafty touches could be everywhere—but just pause for a second before putting your hands to work. There are some major pitfalls and hazards to avoid when it comes to wedding DIY projects. Don’t let your hobby create more stress and hassle than you can handle! Here’s our best tips for DIYing your wedding without losing your mind.

1. Don’t Be a Perfectionist

Your bridal party and family will thank you. If you get too caught up in the details, you let the crafts get the better of you. Getting super nitpicky is a surefire way to frustrate everyone including yourself—which is not how you want to start off your big day.

2. Don’t Go too Big

By big, we mean literally. For some reason, when it comes to DIY weddings, people go a little crazy on the ideas. You made a two-story statue of you and your fiancé? Well, how are you going to get your masterpiece to the venue? Don’t get carried away, and you won’t have to fret over the logistics of your projects.

3. Don’t Get in Over Your Head

Wood chairs at a wedding reception decorated with wreaths made of greenery

Don’t go too crazy with the amount of projects you take on. Be reasonable about what you can accomplish and set yourself up for success. When you overcommit, you can’t put your best work forward. Remember that your guests will appreciate quality, not quantity.

4. Don’t Make a Ton for Certain Areas and None for Others

Let’s say you make really cute table place cards and name tags, but don’t make anything else for the reception to help carry out your theme. This will make your DIY décor seem a bit out of place. By spreading out your ideas, your little DIY touches will be everywhere. Your guests will be impressed and immersed in the awesome feel you’ve created.

5. Don’t Use Multiple Themes

It’s really easy to go Pinterest-crazy and want to make all the things from all different styles, but it’s really not advised. You’re asking for stress with all the chaos and added cost from buying a wider set of supplies. Furthermore, the aesthetic will be much more cohesive if you stick to one theme. If you let yourself go all over the place, you’ll have a lot of crafts from all different looks. This is OK if you’re going for an eclectic feel, but most prefer to focus their efforts on one specific look to make it the best atmosphere possible!

6. Do Make Enough Quality Items

A stack of homemade wedding favor jars on a wood table

Make enough stuff that you love so that if one thing goes wrong, it’s not that big of a deal. Let’s say you make table cards, but the wind is blowing them all away. Disaster, right? Wrong. Your table chart is on point, so the cards are just a bonus.

7. Do Make Interactive Crafts

A good party really comes down the personalization. If you want your guests to feel valued at your wedding, you’ll create opportunities for them to feel like they were thought of. Good news, a DIY wedding is the perfect setting for just such a scenario.

I was recently in my cousin’s travel-themed wedding, and she had a lot of amazing crafts. One of the coolest things was her paper airplane section. She had this adorable vintage picture frame with instructions on how to fold a paper airplane. Along with this was a large board, decorated, with holes in it. The goal was to fold your own airplane and try to throw through the holes for points. The planes fit in with the travel theme and it was a neat feature. It’s the little touches and opportunities for your guests to experience that will make the event that much more enjoyable and memorable.

You don’t have to do something this time-consuming, especially if you have hundreds of guests, but there are lots of other opportunities to personalize. Use your keen DIY senses to figure out how to make your guests feel like you thought of them.

8. Do Involve Your Party and Friends in the Making

Release the reins a little bit and let your friends and family help you get your projects done. If you’re truly doing a DIY wedding, you’re probably already feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do by hand. Any crafter knows these things take a long time. If you try to do it all on your own you will probably burn out, so plan for some crafting sessions with friends who won’t mind helping you out. Lure them with wine and snacks and put those hands to work.

If you follow these guidelines for wedding crafting, you can pull it off! I know personally what it’s like to be the glue-covered crafter in the middle of the night, rushing to get multiple different projects done. So, don’t forget what you’ve learned today and DIY your wedding with grace!

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