8 Essential Elements of a Winter Wonderland Wedding

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A bride and groom standing in the snow underneath a tree with white balloons.

Despite the cold temperatures, there is something so exhilarating and beautiful about winter. It offers stunning inspiration for hosting a luxurious winter wonderland wedding. This is an amazing way to channel your inner ice queen while celebrating one of the best days of your life. (It can even double as a holiday celebration for you and your loved ones!) To get you started, check out this list of essential elements for a winter wonderland wedding.

1. A Blue Color Palette

From the clear blue skies to icy lakes, shades of blue are iconic of the winter season. They also happen to provide the perfect color palette for a wonderland wedding. Fortunately, there are so many beautiful shades of this color that you can choose from. Lighter versions are ideal for creating a frosty, breezy atmosphere, while darker shades exude a majestic ambiance. Whatever you decide to go with, blues will create an ethereal wintry atmosphere. However, don’t feel that you need to let winter’s blue hues limit your choices. Feel free to add contrasting shades. Adore jewel tones? Burgundy or evergreen matches well with deep navy blue.

2. A Red and Green Color Palette

A table at a winter wedding with a cake and greenery.

Alternatively, you can go down the more festive route with a vibrant red and green color palette. This combination is perfect for adding a cozy touch to a luxurious winter wedding. It works especially well if you love regal yet rustic elements. Think cabins, sparkling pine trees, and billowing wall hangings. As with the blue color palette, keep in mind that you can pick various shades of reds and greens. For example, a deep red and emerald green makes for an amazing December combo. Depending on your personality, you can add an accent of pink or eggplant purple.

3. Faux Fur

The chilly temperatures of winter call for lavish touches of faux fur. To incorporate this into your bridal attire, wear a faux fur stole or jacket for the ceremony and photographs. This will instantly add a regal element to your outfit. Take it up a notch by having your bridesmaids wear similar faux fur stoles or jackets. These pieces will look amazing when photographed against a frozen lake or snow-capped pine trees. You can also use faux fur in your reception. Drape the bride’s and groom’s chairs with coordinating faux fur. Adorn the gift table with a faux fur table runner. If you have sofas at your reception, add faux fur blankets or pillows to emphasize the theme.

4. Metallic Finishes

A table setting at a winter wedding with metallic dinnerware and pinecones.

Regardless of your color palette, metallics are a must-have for any winter wedding. In a way, the shine mimics the look of ice and snow. Metallic finishes can also amp up the luxury factor of your wedding, emphasizing the wonderland feel of the event.

The key to incorporating metallic finishes is to be mindful of where you use them. Metallic is a powerful element by itself, after all. You can use it in small doses in many places or use it sparingly in one place that makes an impact. For instance, use it in smaller items such as centerpiece vases and candle holders. Consider brushing the edges of paper name cards with a wash of metallic paint for a subtle, beautiful touch. Otherwise, you can save the metallic for the table cloths as a serious “wow” factor.

5. Rhinestones

Like metallic finishes, rhinestones are reminiscent of ice and snow. It’s also a crucial element for creating an imperial winter wonderland atmosphere. When the light hits rhinestone décor, it will create a beautiful wash of light that will illuminate your big day.

To use rhinestones, think of them as an accent. Add rhinestone embellishments to the petals or center of your bouquet’s flowers. Incorporate them into your outfit with a pair of statement earrings or necklace. A sparkling rhinestone brooch can be used to hold a fur stole together. Centerpieces can be adorned in a similar manner; add rhinestone buttons to the containers or actual blooms.

6. Twigs and Pinecones

A winter bride holding a bouquet of evergreens and pinecones.

When a wedding revolves around a season, it only makes sense to bring in bits of nature. Twigs and pinecones work especially well as wedding décor. The best part is that they are extremely easy to find. With some patience and time, you can find twigs and pinecones in your own backyard or during a trip to the park. This is an awesome way to make use of natural elements in a resourceful way.

Wondering what to do once you collect them? Twigs work beautifully as simple, minimalist centerpieces. They can also be arranged in vases with flowers and leaves. Pinecones, on the other hand, can be sprinkled across tables or displayed in bowls. They can also be used in garlands or as place card holders. Both twigs and pinecones can be embellished with metallic, glitter, pearls, or rhinestones.

7. Glitter

Glitter is the perfect way to add major sparkle to any event. For best results, the glitter that you choose should match one of the shades in your color palette. This will limit the risk of clashing colors. Instead, it will emphasize the palette. Luckily, glitter can easily be incorporated into wedding décor. Glitter-covered candles are an excellent way to add sparkle and shine to your reception. Menus and paper name cards can be brushed or dipped in glitter. If you prefer cleaner designs, consider creating “glitter blocked” paper items. This entails the same concept as color blocking, but uses glitter instead of solid colors. Large letters representing you and your significant other’s initials look especially beautiful when covered in glitter. For natural elements, dip feathers or twigs into glitter and add them to centerpieces. Want to make more of an impact? Drape tables in glitter fabric for an unforgettable reception.

8. Snowflake Motifs

A wedding cake decorated with an icing snowflake and a cake topper that says

Last but not least, snowflake motifs can really bring a wintry event together. They work especially well on paper items, such as the invitations, menus, and place cards. You can also hang them from twigs, trees, or create a garland of glittery snowflakes. Paper snwflake punch-outs and sequins can also be used as confetti during the couple’s send-off. By using snowflake motifs in small doses, it can emphasize the winter theme without looking overly tacky.

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