7 Magical Harry Potter Wedding Invitations (for Muggles!)

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Harry Potter’s admirers never want to label their fandom as a phase. It’s been more than 20 years since the first movie was released, but still, there are millions of people who still have the same excitement when talking about this thriving fictional story of The Boy who Lived. As we’re getting older, nothing makes us any luckier than having a partner who loves the novel as much as we do. If you and your partner both share the same Hogwarts fever and think of having a harry potter themed wedding invitations, this article will help you to travel through the hundreds of worn-out novel pages and find the most essential wizardry elements you should not forget in your invitations. 


1. Owl – Harry Potter Themed Wedding Invitations

Freya by The Jelly Republic

The first wizardry thing to appear in the opening scene of the Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone movie is the famous Hedwig, Harry Potter’s first owl. It was well known for being very loyal and was indispensable throughout the entire series. This Freya design by The Jelly Republic presented a handmade watercolour painting of an owl which is very similar to Hedwig, completed by a dark navy sky and clouds that represents the nights in the wizarding world of Hogwarts. 


2. Train Ticket and Hogward’s Acceptance Letter Wedding Invitations Harry Potter

Harry Potter Invitations by Over The Rainbow and Back

Now let’s flashback to the first night when Hagrid came to visit Harry after thousands of undelivered letters (well the uncle didn’t want him to open them so he threw them away). Harry finally receives his Hogwarts acceptance letter and followed by a train ticket to the magically-existing Platform 9 ¾. Your guest will totally get shivers as soon as they see a nice gold foiled train ticket which actually contains your wishing well or RSVP details.


3. Ginny Castle Personalized Invitation Suite for Wedding

Ginny by UnMeasured Events

Remember when we were children as we watched Harry and his fellow first year students arrive at the front gate of the magnificent castle of Hogwarts. Having a Harry Potter themed wedding will never be complete without a touch of an old castle either on your wedding invitations or the actual venue where the vow takes place. This invitation inspiration would serve the hint perfectly to your guest.


4. Hat – Harry Potter themed wedding invitations

Witches Day by Paperlust

The Sorting Hat was a sentient magical hat at Hogwarts that determined which of the four school Houses each new student belonged most to. As it officially marks the beginning of Harry Potter’s journey with the house of Gryffindor, you’ll be sure to impress all your guests with this lovely detail on the Harry Potter-inspired wedding invitations. Of course the orange background colour is not that necessary especially if you don’t want your guest to think it’s a Halloween party. 


5. Vintage Parchment – Elegant Harry Potter Wedding Invitations

Harry Potter Wedding Invitation by Pinkoi

Seeing this old parchment, you might be thinking of one of the smartest students in Hogwarts, Hermione who loves reading books and is also super curious; she can spend a couple of nights in the library. She is Harry’s best friend who always has his back and with the knowledge she adopted, she knows all the right choices to make. The vintage parchment look was clearly adopted in this gorgeous foil stamped Harry Potter wedding invitations. This specific invitation design is very nostalgic as it includes all the important things from the novel, the Harry Potter emblem, the fonts, and the castle on the bottom.


6. Harry Potter Marauders Map wedding invitations

Custom Harry Potter Marauders Map by Designs in Paper

It’s an old parchment that Harry has been carrying around to find people in Hogwarts, yes it’s the Marauders Map. This map is very iconic, and every Harry Potter freak has at least dreamt of owning this map at least once in a lifetime! This custom design made by Designs in Paper is brilliant as it looks like every detail is hand drawn except the texts. The custom name cards with burnt edges complete the entire suite perfectly. Now tap the map with your wand, and say ‘Mischief managed’ to hide everything before you go.


7. Starry Night – Hogwarts Hall Ceiling Harry Potter Inspired Wedding Invitations

Celestial Gold Moon by Zazzle

Navy and gold are always a perfect combination that presents the night sky with starry overlay really well. This trifold wedding invitation reminds us of the magical ceiling of Hogwarts dining hall, with all the twinkling stars and flying candles. It is something mysterious and beautiful at the same time. We highly recommend this combination of colours especially if your wedding takes place in the evening.


The Harry Potter universe is a world of magic and wonder, with an array of characters waiting to be your guests. The selections of Harry Potter inspired wedding invitations above can transform your wedding into this fabulous fantasyland. When you’re thinking of other things you can incorporate in your wedding, the sky’s the limit. Here at Paperlust we never say no to childhood dream inspired weddings as we believe every wedding is, indeed, magical in their own way. Therefore, if you’re looking for a Harry Potter custom designed wedding invitations and don’t know where to start, submit your enquiry below and a super customer service team will be in touch to discuss with you.

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