7 Fall Wedding Centerpieces

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A fall-themed wedding reception table decorated with candles and pink and orange-colored flowers.

Fall is a crisp and beautiful time for a wedding, but since many popular flower choices may not be in season, you’ll have to turn to other ideas for table centerpieces at your reception. Using more fall-friendly options can also add a special seasonal touch to your wedding. Try these centerpiece ideas to make your wedding reception tables lovely and fall-appropriate.

1. Marigolds and Other Fall-colored Flowers

Can’t stand the idea of centerpieces without flowers? You don’t have to! Marigolds and other flowers that come in some of the beautiful golds and oranges associated with autumn can be a great option. If you get potted marigolds instead of cut flowers, you can expect that they will stay beautiful long after the ceremony and reception are over.

2. Leaves, Vines, and Berries

A wedding reception table decorated with berries.

One of the best options available for a fall-themed centerpiece are either preserved or fabric leaves, vines, and berries. The season is well known for being a colorful one that celebrates oranges, yellows, reds, and dusty greens, which you can also use as overall colors for your wedding decor. By adding a sprig of leaves here and there to your centerpieces, you can keep the botanical elements alive without even needing flowers.

3. Pinecones and Candles

An inexpensive option for centerpieces and decorations in general is to select pinecones and arrange them artfully with some beautiful votives. To ensure that no creepy-crawlies remain in collected pinecones, bake them in a 200-degree oven for about 30 minutes. This also can help more tightly-closed pinecones spread out a little, creating a fuller cone. When combined with some of the other available options such as leaves and gourds, pinecones and candles can be downright magical at a cozy autumn wedding.

4. Branches, Mason Jars, and Twine

A table at a wedding reception decorated with branches and greenery.

Not sure how to “tie it all together” for your fall wedding centerpieces? One of your best options is raw fiber twine. Even a simple knot looks rustic and beautiful when made out of a natural fiber, and just a quick wrap of twine around the neck of a vase can give it an extra special touch. If your centerpieces need something else, there are a few other options you can try. Many people enjoy using branches and twigs of various thickness to fill out the space or gather together other elements. An especially popular design lately has been a thick branch with cuts made to insert votives. Another popular addition, especially if you are leaning into the rustic theme, is the use of mason jars. Whether you incorporate them in their natural state as vases or spraypaint them a color that matches your decor, mason jars are versatile and have gained a popularity for being reminders of a simpler time.

5. Acorns, Walnuts, or Cranberries in Vases

For the creative type, making a medley of beautiful autumn items and placing them in a clear bowl or vase can make for an understated and lovely centerpiece. Some people choose to mix cranberries and whole unshelled walnuts, while others simply gather beautiful whole acorns and fill vases with them for a minimal approach. The colors and warm contrasts make for a unique take on the traditional wedding reception centerpiece, and most of the items are reusable afterwards (though the acorns probably should just go right back outside for the squirrels!).

6. Pumpkins and Gourds

A table at a wedding reception decorated with pumpkins.

One of the most clever uses for those autumn pumpkins is as a centerpiece! Rather than carving toothy grins, put your artistic side to work turning pumpkins and gourds into beautiful artwork that can be illuminated from within with a votive. Everything from lacy cut-outs to a simple heart can make a great design for a wedding pumpkin. If you aren’t interested in carving, you can paint designs on gourds and pumpkins just as easily, and with light-colored pumpkins and gourds, there are many options for getting these vegetables to match your chosen wedding colors.

7. Mix and Match

While many people will want to go simple with just one of these options, most of these items work well together. You can choose to fill a glass lantern with pinecones, fall leaves, and acorns, surround it with candles, and add a few mason jars of marigolds all in the same centerpiece. The best thing to do with nontraditional or autumnal centerpieces is to make them your own.

With a combination of these timeless items, you can not only make beautiful centerpieces, but also have beautiful leftover decorations after. Use them in your own home, or give them away to your wedding guests after the celebration is over; it saves on clean-up and is a beautiful memento of your special day!

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