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2023 wedding trends - big sleeves
Photo: Matt Godkin; Dress: Christie Nicole Bridal

Well, Cakies, we’re officially a month into 2023 and the trends are rolling in. (This maximalist wedding we shared on Monday already checks so many of these boxes!) Couples are choosing the traditions that work for them, tossing the ones that don’t, and creating their own along the way. From getting ready to the after party, these 2023 wedding trends are showing up in every detail of the big day. And we gotta say… We’re on board with these stylish updates and are pretty sure your guests will be too!

chic black tie wedding attire
Photo by Kristin Piteo

See this intimate, formal museum wedding here.

Stress-Free Planning

First things first, couples are ditching the belief that wedding planning has to be stressful. It’s 2023, and there are tons of tools available to make planning easier and your engagement more fun! Case in point: 100 Layer Cake just launched our sister site, MatchBook, dedicated to helping couples find and book their wedding Pros with ease. It’s a free planning tool that not only saves you time, but makes finding your dream team easy and inspiring. Learn all about MatchBook and say hello to a happier engagement, here.

Colorful modern Los Angeles wedding at Grass Room
Brett Loie Photo

Colorful modern Los Angeles wedding at Grass Room
Brett Loie Photo

Couples Getting Ready Together

While some couples revel in the excitement of not seeing each other before the ceremony or during a photographed first look, more people than ever before are kicking off the big day side by side. It allows for some memorable, intimate moments before it all becomes a blur—and definitely helps with those pre-ceremony jitters. As our bride Olivia (above) said, “I just really wanted to get ready with my favorite person on my wedding day.” Can’t argue with that!

Bow wedding dress
Veronica Costa Photography

2023 Wedding Dress Trends

Ballgowns, bows, ruffled tiers

2023 brings with it a bounty of new dresses to swoon over, and with it, some pretty fabulous trends. This year, brides are thinking BIG. From big bows to big sleeves to big, fluffy layers of tulle, this year is all about the drama.

Pink wedding dress | Weddings By Artemis
Photo: Andrew Bayda

blush wedding gown with puff sleeves - 2023 wedding dress trends
Kaity Body Photography

See more from this fall elopement in Canada here.

Color, Color, Color

As more couples stray from tradition and use their weddings to celebrate their personal style, more brides are looking past the white dress. Alternatively, they can play off their white gown with a colorful wedding party for contrast and surprise. Pro tip: Use your engagement party as a chance to don a bright color and get everyone talking about what you’ll wear once the big day rolls around!

colorful bridesmaid dresses 2023 wedding trend
Photo by Sav & Cam

Off the shoulder dresses like this one above will be popular in 2023. See more from this colorful Amalfi-coast inspired Florida wedding here.  Also be sure to check out our bridesmaid dress shop for colorful and trend-forward styles!

And for all you guests out there that want to wear color to weddings this year, here are some of our faves:

Pink wedding dress- Jenna Wren Photography
Jenna Wren Photography

Colorful wedding dress - 2023 wedding trends
Photo by Eden Strader

See more from this bright and poppy wedding editorial here.

Embellished Wedding Dresses

For 2023, wedding dresses have chic embellishments (pearls aren’t going anywhere!), dramatic sleeves, and unexpected transparent details. We’re also seeing iconic 70s and 80s silhouettes, with a modern twist of course. We’re seeing pearls in veils too!

2023 wedding dress trend
Boston Mountain Photo

3-D florals were big at New York Fashion week, and we’re obsessed with the trend. Get a closer look in this post we did last week.

Rachel Pourchier

Bridal Capes

Bridal capes and cape dresses are a trend we’re excited to see more of in 2023, like this stunning floral dotted bridal cape by Spanish designer Maria Barragan:

2023 wedding trends bridal cape
Fotografos de Boda

Shop some of our favorite styles here:


Mini Dresses

Minidresses have been popular for the after-party, but now minis are in for the main event. Top it with a cape or featherweight coat for even more high-low impact.

Low Key Bridal Hairstyles

Whether it’s a sleek low pony or soft beachy waves, brides are complementing their bold fashion choices with more relaxed, natural hairstyles. This allows them to show off the dress, and leaves room for a headband or veil to top it all off.

Low Key Bridal Hairstyles
Dakota Lynn Photo

bridal headband and veil
faye wilde photography

2023 Wedding Invitation Trends

Bold & bright

So, it looks like 2023 is all about COLOR. And invites are fun way to incorporate it. Combining pops of color with the traditional white and neutral shades will create a modern, uplifting vibe that sets the stage for your wedding day. Go bold!

2023 wedding invitation trends

2023 wedding invitation trends

2023 Wedding Decor Trends

When it comes to wedding decor, it’s all about surprising and delighting your guests. From super personalized details to show-stopping florals to creative favors, couples aren’t just going for a celebration, but an experience.

wedding guest book phone
Laura Moll Photography

Creative Guestbook Ideas

Forget a big blank book on the gift table, the guestbooks is now becoming a much more memorable experience for both guests to have fun with, and couples to look back on. Rather than just a keepsake, creative guestbook ideas like leaving a voice message on a vintage telephone or signing a surfboard will become the norm.

2023 wedding trends
Sara Richardson Photography

2023 wedding trends
Photo by Heather Waraksa; florals by Katia Criscuolo

Houseplants As Decor

Indoor houseplants blew up during the pandemic as people spent more time tending to their spaces (and trying to bring the outdoors in). We’re not surprised to see that #plantpeople are starting to incorporate their love of potted plants into their weddings. And there are lots of ways to go with it: mix houseplants into your floral arrangements for those tropical vibes, line your ceremony aisle with large pots, or adorn your reception tables with smaller varieties (which double as favors guests will actually want to take home). It’s like the years-old succulent wedding trend, only more modern and way cooler.

2023 wedding trends, Maximalist Florals and Decor
photo by Natalie Watson; design by Marianna Idirin; florals by Pina Cate

Maximalist Florals and Decor

While the bridal bouquet has actually been trending smaller (yet another way to show off a head-turning gown), the florals used in wedding decor are getting bigger and better. Couples are hiring their favorite event designers and florists to create a seamless experience from cocktail hour decor to the tablescapes and lighting, one that features layers of color, texture, and patterns, and a bevy of fresh blooms.

2023 Wedding decor trends
The Commoner

2023 wedding floral trends - peony arrangement
Rebecca Grace of Natural Art Flowers

sculptural wedding flowers
Rebecca Grace of Natural Art Flowers

Sculptural Arrangements

One way to incorporate the maximalist color and decor trends of 2023 is with sculptural floral arrangements. These beauties can give off everything from modern, refined vibes to funky and fun!

2023 wedding decor trend
Sarah Falugo

Statement Aisle

Speaking of surprise: there’s no way to wow your guests (and make an unforgettable entrance) than adorning your ceremony aisle with statement blooms and/or decor.

creative catering ideas - 2023 wedding trends
Photo by Erich McVey; Catering by Epicurean Catering

Creative Catering

We hear from couples time and time again that amazing food is one of their top priorities when it comes to their wedding. Getting creative with your catering team is one way to incorporate delicious fare with an engaging guest experience. Get inspired by our favorite creative cocktail hour treats here!

retro wedding cake trend
Photo by Miranda Stokkel; Cake by Miss Trixie

Retro Wedding Cakes

Bring on the kitsch! We’ve seen many a wedding cake trend over the years (remember when it was all about the modern cake?) and while we’ve never met a cake we didn’t like, 2023 is a particularly fun one: flirty, retro, vintage inspired cakes have found their place in weddings of every style.

More 2023 Wedding Trends: A Private Last Dance

A Private Last Dance
Christy Speers

The viral Tiktok trend of couples enjoying the last few moments of their wedding in a private last dance is something we’ll be seeing more of in 2023. Such a sweet way to slow down and soak up one last dance at the venue.

private last dance at wedding

A private last dance post-festivities from this jewel-toned wedding.

2023 wedding photo trends

Love Drunk Photos

When it comes to photography trends, we can all agree that more natural looking, documentary style wedding photography is here to stay. And as couples let loose and celebrate their nuptials during those last few hours of their wedding, photographers are capturing them with candid, sometimes blurry, in-the-moment photos that really encapsulate that unabashed post I-do joy!

2023 wedding photo trends

2023 wedding trends - Amalfi coast honeymoon
Tanja Kibogo Photography & Blush Wed Photography

Extended Honeymoons

Now for perhaps the most fun 2023 wedding trend of them all… Making that honeymoon last just a little bit longer! After a couple of years with minimal travel, people are making up for lost time with extended time away. When it comes to honeymoons, couples aren’t just treating it as a few days away to celebrate their nuptials, but truly soaking it in as their first experience as newlyweds. If you can swing it, why not?!

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