What to Pack in a Wedding Dress Emergency Kit

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Bridesmaids fixing something on a bride's lace wedding dress.

Obviously, you don’t want to plan for things to go wrong on your wedding day—but you do want to prepare for it in case something does go amiss. This is especially true when it comes to what you’re wearing: your wedding dress. The last thing you want is for your wedding gown to not fit how it should, get a stain that won’t come out, or suffer some other inconvenience without having a way to fix it. A wedding dress emergency kit can save you from a lot of accidents or embarrassing moments. Help put your mind at ease and prepare for any beauty blunders or fashion mishaps by packing a wedding dress emergency kit.

What Is a Wedding Dress Emergency Kit?

A wedding dress laid out on a bed.

Wedding dress emergency kits are exactly what they sound like: a kit filled with emergency items that might be necessary on the wedding day, including things like bandages, breath mints, bobby pins, etc. When it comes to preparing an emergency kit specifically for your wedding dress, you want to include anything you might need to help make your gown more comfortable, functional, and beautiful. This is less focused on including tissues for tears and instead filled with needles, thread, extra beads, etc. You want to include anything that might be necessary in case of an emergency.

What to Include in a Wedding Dress Emergency Kit?

A woman sewing on a wedding dress.

Your general emergency kit for the wedding day should have things like Advil, eyelash glue, and deodorant, but your wedding dress emergency kit should have other things. Here are 11 things you want to be sure to include in your wedding dress emergency kit:

Fashion tape – This will help keep everything in place so the dress doesn’t slide down or around in unwanted ways.

Sewing kit – This is obviously in case of a busted seam, if a button falls off, or you need to re-stitch some sequins or beads. Make sure you have a thread that matches your dress color to make any fixes seamless.

Safety pins – If you don’t trust your sewing skills, safety pins are a great way to get things pinned back how they should go.

Tide To Go pen or Shout Wipes – This helps remove any stains that might happen such as makeup mistakes, wine spills, or accidentally sitting on a dirty surface.

White chalk – This helps hide stubborn stains that don’t come out with a Tide pen or bleach wipe.

Tampons – This is definitely something you can include in your general emergency kit, but just to make double-sure you have some, you can put them in with your wedding dress emergency kit as well. Keep the stains at bay.

Superglue – You might be surprised at how convenient super glue is for repairing different aspects of your wedding dress.

Dry spray deodorant – These are great for sharing deodorant between people, but they also dry instantly and don’t leave a nasty residue. That means you won’t have deodorant stains on your clothes or nasty armpit sweat stains.

Steamer – If you have to travel a bit for your wedding, then your dress may end up a little crinkled. Having a steamer ready can help make it smooth and elegant again.

Lint roller – This will help get rid of any dust, lint, and hairs that have made their way onto your wedding dress.

Static Guard – This spray helps instantly eliminate unwanted static electricity while preventing it from building up again. It will cling to you all day so you won’t need to worry about collecting unwanted static electricity throughout your day.

Better Safe Than Sorry

While you obviously hope that nothing goes wrong on your wedding day, packing an emergency kit for your wedding dress is the best way to handle any accidents that might happen. It’s better to be over-prepared than to find yourself with a broken seam the morning of your wedding and not have a needle and thread.

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