The Best Wedding Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

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A group of women at a bridal shower.

It’s always nice to thank someone for doing something kind, and the same can be said about showing your gratitude to whoever throws your wedding shower. Whether it’s a relative or friend, doing something to show your appreciation will surely be met with a smile. You don’t have to go too crazy to show your thanks, and we have some simple ideas that will make saying thanks a breeze.

Monogrammed Cutting Boards and Aprons

A charcuterie board with food on it at a party.

For the hostess with the mostest, what could be better than something they can use the next time they entertain? A cutting board with their family name on it or an adorable apron could be the perfect gift to show your thanks and gift something useful at the same time.

A Clever Play on “Showering”

To say thanks for your shower, buy the hostess a cute umbrella and some luxurious body soaps. Attach a note that says, “thanks for showering me with love!” This is a clever and inexpensive gift that’s fun to receive and also useful!

Beautiful Stationery

A stationery set of pink flowered cards.

Stationery is a gift that you can never go wrong with, so buy your hostess some that suits her personality. Whether you go with something personalized or just a pretty design, they’re bound to think of you each time they use the set. Consider including a nice pen to top off the gift, too.

A Curated Gift Basket

Putting together a perfectly curated gift basket to highlight your hostess’ favorite things is a thoughtful gift that they’ll love receiving. To make it more personalized, include pictures of the two of you in or outside of frames so that they can be reminded of your special relationship. Whether your hostess loves gourmet coffee, chocolate, bubble baths, books, candles, cozy blankets, or indulging in wine, you can fill the basket to meet their interests and preferences. They’ll definitely appreciate this special effort and will love enjoying everything you include in this thank you gift.

Pampering Gift Cards

A woman receiving a massage.

Allow your hostess to unwind and relax after treating you to your shower! Give her a gift to get her nails done or even a massage. These experience gift cards are sure to be appreciated and put to good use when they want to take time to themselves!

Restaurant Gift Cards

On the other hand, another great option for your hostess is a gift card to her favorite restaurant. This way, she can treat herself to a nice meal on you after throwing your shower.

Practical Gift Cards

Someone holding a latte.

Everyone loves a gift card to somewhere they frequent, like Starbucks, Target, or even Amazon. While this seems like a simple thing to do, it could really make your hostess’ day and allow them to snag something they’ve had their eye on as a thanks for throwing your special event.

Housekeeping Service Voucher

If your hostess has your event at her house, it could be nice to treat her to a housekeeping service to help clean up from the party.

Something Gourmet

An assortment of gourmet cookies.

Everyone loves a treat, so treat your hostess to something delicious to say thanks! Gourmet cookies, a big tin of yummy popcorn, or any snack of their choosing may be the perfect way to show your appreciation. If you’re at a loss for what they have a taste for, you could opt to gift them an Uber Eats or DoorDash gift card so they can order in their favorite takeout the next time they don’t feel like cooking.

A Handwritten Card

Don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten thank you card! If you don’t have the budget to spend on a gift, sending a sweet card that expresses your gratitude and compliments the things you love about the hostess will surely be appreciated and treasured.

Finding the perfect hostess gift to say thank you for your special event is a fun way to express your appreciation. Get creative with your gifting and your hostess is sure to love what you choose for them!

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