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Letters From Italy: notes form our cherished wedding friends in the middle of a global pandemic

We’ll start, as always, by sending you all our love and very best wishes right now. Whilst so many things are changed beyond all recognition at the moment, there is…

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A Wedding Postponed due to Coronavirus #2 – Bride Emma’s Experience – It’s ‘Worth The Wait’

Let me start this feature by checking in to ask if you’re ok and to send love, strength and all the positive vibes your way right now. To keep you…

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A Wedding Postponed due to Coronavirus – One Bride’s Story

Darling readers, we can’t deny we’re living in a tricky time. It feels as if the ground is shifting beneath our feet under our feet and it’s hard to know…

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Coronavirus & Weddings: Daily wellbeing practices to help you cope through the disruption

These are unprecedented times. We don’t know what is happening, how it will unfold or what to do. When we are anxious, it affects everything. We cannot work efficiently and…

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Coronavirus Wedding Community Support: Looking After Yourself and Your Nutrition

Darling readers, over the coming days and weeks we will be peppering our usual inspirational content with as many advice and support pieces as possible. Please bear with us as…

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Message to our Wedding Community

Over the past week, we have received an unprecedented number of enquires from concerned individuals and businesses regarding the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is now beginning…

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Weight Loss + Weddings: A real bride explains why you shouldn’t let weight worries ruin your wedding planning experience

When I got engaged, I thought I’d definitely lose weight for my wedding. More than that, I thought I’d definitely be what I perceived as “thin” for my wedding. Because…

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An Interview with Halfpenny London Wedding Dress Designer, Kate Halfpenny-Duffy

I love to introduce our favourite designers to brides around this time of year because we always have such an influx of new readers, thanks to all those seasonal proposals….

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How To Entertain At Christmas Without Losing Your Shit

Longer term readers of Love My Dress will probably recall that in late 2017, we launched a ‘lifestyle blog’ project. Sadly, it’s a project I brought to a close only…

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