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A Laure de Sagazan Bride + Her Watercolour, Hudson Valley Inspired Lakeside Wedding

Sense of place is an extraordinary feeling. Remembering being in a certain place at a certain time can bring up such powerful feelings of emotion and that’s exactly the sense…

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A Laure de Sagazan Dress & Bridesmaids in Blue for a Rainy Day River Cottage Wedding

If you’re a fan of the rather lovely River Cottage in Devon, then you’re going to love today’s foodie celebration, because that’s where it all took place. If you’re also…

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Modern Laure De Sagazan Chic For A Tinder Couple & Their Wildflower Wedding in Wiltshire

The vision and creativity of all of you Love My Dress brides never ever fails to surprise me; just take a look at the discussions and swapping of ideas that…

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