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A couple on their European honeymoon.

Planning and packing for your European honeymoon may seem a bit overwhelming! Going on a trip of that magnitude demands the need for things you may not use in your everyday life at home. If you’re getting ready to go across the pond on this once-in-a-lifetime trip, check out the best of the best Amazon Prime Day deals below so that you can start filling your suitcase with all the top must haves—but at a fraction of the price!

Deal #1: Quality Headphones

Traveling a long distance means that having quality headphones is an absolute must! You’ll want them for the plane, car and train rides—and when you go to Europe, you’ll likely be participating in quite a few of those. Thanks to Prime Day, you can get these wireless headphones for a steal, which isn’t something that happens often! They include noise canceling technology, which is just what you need for a busy plane or train.

Deal #2: A Comfy Neck Pillow

Long flights and lots of travel also mean that you want to be as comfortable as possible. A neck pillow will make an overnight flight much more enjoyable, and getting a good sleep there can help ward off jet lag. This is something you won’t regret having with you, that’s for sure!

Deal #3: Stay Organized with Packing Cubes

You’ll likely need to pack quite a bit of stuff for this big trip, which means that your suitcase may be stuffed to the gills. Keep things more organized with these packing cubes, which can allow you to fit more in your suitcase and pack more thoughtfully. Especially if you’re going to be making multiple stops on your trip, this will make unpacking and packing a lot simpler.

Deal #4: Well-Made Luggage

A couple at the airport with their suitcases.

The last thing you want to happen on your European honeymoon is for your luggage to rip open or break. You need to invest in some quality pieces, and thanks to Prime Day, you can do so without breaking the bank. If a duffel bag is your style, this Vera Bradley option is stylish and functional. Another option is this spacious rolling duffel bag. Finally, this hard-shell rolling suitcase is a quality carry-on that will be a trusty travel companion for years to come!

Deal #5: Cosmetics and Toiletries

You will of course need to stock your suitcase with some cosmetic products and toiletries for your big trip! Some must-haves that are on sale this Prime Day include this folding travel mirror that lights up, this hanging toiletry bag to keep you organized, and this Sun Bum sun care kit if you’re going somewhere warm and sunny.

Deal #6: Stay Charged with a Portable Power Bank

When you’re traveling and on the go, you run the risk of running out of cell phone power. Don’t fall victim to that problem! Thanks to this power bank, you won’t have to stop for a charge and you’ll always know that you have the battery to look up directions or snap photos.

Deal #7: Keep Hydrated with a Water Bottle

Exploring a new city or town on your feet can leave you dehydrated, as can flying long distances. That dehydration can make jet lag worse and leave you feeling fatigued. Ensure you feel your best on your trip by staying hydrated. Having a reusable water bottle on you will help in this effort, so be sure to pack one for your European honeymoon!

Deal #8: Don’t Forget a Travel Adapter

A wall plug adapter that will allow you to charge and use your electronics on your trip is something you absolutely cannot forget for this trip! Luckily, you can pick one up for a steal on Prime Day.

Get organized and ensure that you have everything you need to have the best vacation ever. Prime Day is an amazing time to stock up on European honeymoon must-haves. Once you do that, all you need to do is get your passport ready to be stamped!

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