A lavender inspired wedding

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It is a truth generally acknowledged, that a romantic story will always be a good source of inspiration. The everlasting classic, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, was brought to life in a photo shoot by Crimea-based, worldwide wedding photographers, Alexander and Marina Santi. The novel that centered on the charming figure of Elizabeth Bennet, became the inspiration of the two to create a playful yet mesmerizing nuance that was the heroine’s persona. “She is romantic, intelligent, and mysterious. Thus the decor and location choice was also guided by the image of her character,” the photographers explained.

Having shot in a field of lavenders, there was no shortage of nature’s beautiful complexion. Instead of overwhelming the view, the landscape compliments the sense of ease they aimed to embody in the images. The lightness of the flowing wedding dress moved it along with the wind and flowers, synchronized with the aura of cheerfulness Elizabeth used in dealing with the complexity of her life. To complete the look, statement earrings and belt instilled subtle glamor to the dreamy ensemble.

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Of course, a theme based on a classic literary piece wouldn’t be complete without vintage ornaments here and there. Bronze touches were added by setting up an antique-style table setting complete with candlesticks. The ancient nuance of those candles did not only add gracefulness to the shoot but also a dramatic accent to contrast the softness of the background. Carvings on the armchair as well as a chalice-like glass also completed the romantic-vintage combination.

Let’s not forget, what would Elizabeth Bennet be without books? The intelligence of the heroine was not forgotten as the shoot also included a number of books stacked to portray the lasting charisma of one of the first females in literature that showcased not only beauty, but also wit and knowledge. Hence, a bridal portrait session based on an existing tale serves nothing less than a fairy tale of your own. The Pride and Prejudice inspired shoot portrays not only a magnificent photography but also a character you can depict as a heroine, or in this case a bride, in your very special day.

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Take another look at the photos and add your favorites to the inspiration board to start planning your very own bridal photo shoot! What a day it will be.