The Four Most Important Running lists Every Bride Should Maintain

by — Posted in Plan My Wedding on 2018-07-11T23:30:19

Information overload is a reality and you don’t want to be stuck, not knowing what you have to do next a week before the big day. That’s why it’s vitally important for you to maintain these 4 wedding lists to make sure everything will be in place without any stone being left unturned to create a memorable wedding experience.

1. Guest Lists

When it comes to organizing your wedding and making it splendid, it’s not doubt that one of the lists you will have to work with most of the time is your guest list. On talking to many bride to be’s, one thing I have discovered is that creating the first draft of the guest list is a dreaded task probably because you might exclude someone who really has to be at there with you, celebrating the big day together with you.

However, you still have to get it done. When you have the first draft ready, try making a simple Google Sheet file that you will use for listing your guests by name, address and email. This will make the work of tracking down RSVP’s easier for you.

2. To-Do List

This list might be number two in this article but don’t let that fool you. If you get this list wrong, you might end up getting everything wrong. Planning a wedding successfully is just like planning a big project. Things just have to be done one task after the other and everything will eventually fall into perspective.

One of the greatest – oddly satisfying feelings is that of crossing off a task on your To-Do list after you have successfully completed it. To get started, just get a dedicated planner to use for your wedding or alternatively a software. List all your required tasks accordingly and just get started.

3. Gifts Received

I know, this is role that is often delegated to the maid of honor particularly for the bridal shower but there is no harm in doing it yourself. Having a list of received gifts and the people who brought the gift is essential as it helps when you’ll have to write the bridal shower thank you cards. You will feel a little less overwhelmed then as you will be able to just refer to your list. The gifts you receive can also serve as great ideas for the types of gifts you get when you attend other people’s weddings.

4. Suppliers Lists

In addition to the above, keeping a list of your key service providers and their contacts separately is important. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming making it easy for you to forget some of the commitment you would have made with vendors. You don’t want to find out that there are no flowers on the eve of your wedding just because you forgot to settle a payment with the floral company. Keeping a suppliers list will help you organize things efficiently and be up to date with your key suppliers.

In conclusion, a week before the big day, try making a list of everything you will need on your wedding day from the make-up, to the undergarments and everything in-between to prevent some minor discrepancies that might affect your mood and spoil your most important day.