Fine Art Wedding Photography: Do You Need It?

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A bride and groom holding hands in front of a European building.

There’s a reason why Instagram influencers have such an impact in terms of wedding inspiration. That reason comes down to high-end photos that make even the simplest of weddings seem luxurious and intimate. You can have that very same impact on others easily—if you upgrade to a fine art wedding photographer for your special day.

Fine art photography is slowly making its way into the mainstream as couples, especially post-COVID, are eager to make the most out of their day of celebration and assure that the memories of it will last for ages. When you see the final product and compare it to traditional wedding photography, it’s not hard to argue against it. With a fine art wedding photographer, your photos will look straight out of a magazine or fitting for placement in a museum or art gallery.

Should you consider hiring a fine art photographer for your wedding? Well, weddings may last only a day, but the memories and pictures will last forever. So, let’s look at what fine art photography is all about and why you should give it a shot.

What Is Fine Art Photography?

A bride and groom hugging.

Most commercial wedding photographers simply document the event through various snapshots and follow almost a procedure of which classical snaps to take. Fine art photography goes beyond that.

The whole point of a fine art photographer is to use your photo album to paint a story from the first page to the last. That means also capturing every emotion and giving some insight into the personality and relationships of the people in the picture. Unless you’ve got a keen eye, it’s not something that anyone holding a camera can do.

Via different techniques and unique perspectives, a fine art photographer aims to turn your wedding album into a mental movie. Every shot is worth framing as it is meant to be as worthy as any other piece of art, all while remaining classical and timeless.

What Makes Fine Art Photography Better?

A bride standing near European architecture.

Diving into specifics, fine art photographers have a whole different take on how to approach taking photos at a wedding. If you’re considering hiring one, the following reasons may very well convince you.


Fine art wedding photographers put a lot more time and effort into the pictures than a standard wedding photographer. Since they’re keen on storytelling, they’ll focus more on the details leading up to and going through the event. For example, they’ll be more eager to account for the invitations, the preparation of the event, and the setting up of the venue in order to create anticipation in the viewer.


A bride and groom walking up some outdoor stairs.

One of the benefits of fine art photography is that it focuses more on capturing the personality and the vibe of the couple and the guests without making it seem like a posed picture. Most photographers who specialize in this category are very well experienced in working with people. They not only help couples, even the camera-shy ones, feel comfortable in front of the camera, but they help direct people to assure that every picture feels natural.


A fine art photographer knows that you want your wedding album to be unique, so they will skip over many of the standard snapshots and substitute them with something worth framing. Think of more dramatic and stylized images as opposed to candid shots. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a basic line-up of a bride with her bridesmaids, but don’t rule out that you might be suggested some more interesting alternatives.


A bride and groom in a destination wedding setting.

Going back to the storytelling aspect of a wedding album, a fine art photographer will present your wedding day according to the vision that you both agree on. Maybe you want to see your special day as two high school sweethearts falling in love, or just a carefree couple whose paths coincidentally intertwined. Make sure to discuss how you envision your ceremony and reception to assure that the final product ends up perfect.


Most couples hire their photographer based on their portfolio. Unfortunately, sometimes the end result doesn’t match what one was promised. This can be easily explained. Weddings are generally a hard job due to a number of circumstances. However, a fine art photographer who specializes in weddings is someone who has far more experience doing such events. Meaning, they have a better knowledge of various techniques and can adapt to various circumstances such as bad weather, lighting, or terrain. And they tend to treat every event as a project instead of a job. Fine art photographers tend to better deliver in terms of consistency—meaning what you see in their sample portfolio is likely what you will get.

What Do Fine Art Photographers Cost?

A bride and groom standing next to European architecture.

Costs may vary based on your location and other factors, but you should expect to pay a bit more than you would for an average wedding photographer. The current mean price a couple spends for their wedding photography is around $2,500 in the States, with many vendors charging at least a thousand. As a reminder: it’s a general rule to factor only 10-15% of your budget for photography and videography costs.

Since a fine art photographer is more of a luxury service, expect to pay at least twice what the average photographer in your area charges. According to professional planners, this can be at least a few thousand or over $10,000. This may seem like a lot, but couples rarely regret paying a bit extra for the perfect pictures of their most magnificent day.

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