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Black Wedding Dresses are definitely a fashion trend for modern brides! More and more brides-to-be are looking for black wedding dresses. Here is a list of our dresses that can come in Black Color. Don’t miss this list if you are looking for a black Cocomelody wedding dress for your big day! Bride: Kayla Edwards;   Photo Credit: Ali Rene Photography Dress Giulia / Dress Saya / Dress Anne / Dress Everlee Dress LD3906 / Dress LD3932 / Dress LD3905 / Dress LWXT16001   Dress LD5731  / Dress LD4604 / Dress LD4901 / Dress LD4432   Dress LD4395 / Dress LD4902 / Dress LD4493 / Dress LD4788   Dress Faye / Dress Pearl / Dress Ryleigh / Dress Casey Dress LD5445 / Dress LD4519 / Dress LD5565 / Dress B14TB0040     Dress CWLT16002 / Dress B14TB0017 / Dress LD4436 / Dress LD5693   Dress B14TB0052 / Dress JWLT16003 / Dress LD4561 / Dress H2MS0217 Dress Valentine / Dress Coeur / Dress Heloise / Dress Robyn    Dress CW2101 / Dress CW2096 / Dress CWLT16008 /  Dress LD3571   Dress JWLK16002 / Dress CWLK16001 / Dress JWLK16001 / Dress CWXT15018     We will bring more black wedding dresses in our future bridal collections, but there are […]

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