“Tech Bliss: Embracing Innovation in Zimbabwean Weddings”

In a world where technology continues to shape and enhance our lives, Zimbabwean weddings are not exempt from the wave of innovation. Couples are increasingly weaving modern tech trends into their celebrations, creating memorable and unique experiences for themselves and their guests. In this post, let’s explore the ways in which technology is seamlessly integrating […]

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“Destination Dream: A Guide to Planning Your Wedding in the Heart of Africa – Zimbabwe”

Embarking on the journey of planning a destination wedding is an exciting venture, and for couples seeking a unique and unforgettable experience, Zimbabwe offers a captivating backdrop. From the breathtaking Victoria Falls to the vibrant cityscape of Harare and the cultural richness of its people, Zimbabwe promises an enchanting destination for your special day. In […]

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2022 Wedding Trends: Sustainability Rules, Pearls are Back, and Rings are Stacked

WEDDING // January 12, 2022 What’s the scoop for 2022 wedding trends? If you’re looking for intel, you’ve come to the right place. We’re taking a look at what sparked a flame in 2021 and what’s poised to totally take off this year. And if last year’s trend forecast is any inclination, we’re pretty good at predicting the future. We’re breaking […]

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