“Tech Bliss: Embracing Innovation in Zimbabwean Weddings”

In a world where technology continues to shape and enhance our lives, Zimbabwean weddings are not exempt from the wave of innovation. Couples are increasingly weaving modern tech trends into their celebrations, creating memorable and unique experiences for themselves and their guests. In this post, let’s explore the ways in which technology is seamlessly integrating […]

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Embracing Tradition and Modernity: Unique Wedding Themes in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, with its rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking landscapes, offers a unique backdrop for couples seeking an extraordinary wedding experience. Steeped in tradition yet embracing modern influences, Zimbabwe provides a canvas for weddings that seamlessly blend the old and the new. In this post, we’ll explore some unique wedding themes that capture the essence of […]

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Raise the Romance with these Valentine’s Day Dresses!

Raise the Romance! 8 Valentine’s Day dresses that are full of flirt. Heart-stopping. Jaw-Dropping. Breathtaking. Pick your adjective and find a dress to match with our uber-romantic Valentine’s Day dresses and evening gowns- perfect for a day of recognising and celebrating all that we love! Shop Evening Dresses Find a Store Love loudly. Declare your […]

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What to Expect at your Wedding Dress Fitting

How to make the most out of your FREE Wedding Dress Fitting. So, you’re thinking of booking for your wedding dress fitting? How exciting! Searching for your wedding dress is one of the most exhilarating aspects of planning your wedding. Every bride knows that it’s the wedding dress that weaves together your dreams, your tastes […]

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Your Zodiac Wedding Dress Guide

Let the stars decide your fate with our zodiac wedding dress guide! Look to the stars for inspiration on your wedding dress! Spiritual consultants share their knowledge of how your sun, moon, rising, and Venus signs all affect how you’ll land on your look for the aisle. Let Love, and our zodiac wedding dress guide, […]

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Bride by Design: Oleg Cassini Wedding Dresses

Timeless, opulent and elegant wedding dresses embraced by the contemporary bride… Oleg Cassini is widely regarded as the creator of the modern wedding dress, and his name is attributed to classic and timeless looks that span the decades. With a flair for opulence and elegance, his dress designs have graced Hollywood’s biggest names; Audrey Hepburn, […]

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Bride by Design: The Bride&co Wedding Dress Collection

Effortlessly whimsical with a flair for originality, our Bride&co wedding dress collection is charming & carefree at its core.

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Discover ‘The One’ with these 5 Bridal Styles

Discover your inner bride with these 5 wedding dress styles. Becoming a bride is a blended combination of your vision and your personality. Every bride wants to look incredible, but she also wants to feel like herself. We’ve styled many brides over the years, and seen every woman make the wedding dress uniquely hers. When […]

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Bride by Design: Viola Chan Wedding Dresses

Sexy, dramatic, and glamorous wedding dress styles that are unapologetically feminine… Viola Chan is the Creative Director of Oleg Cassini, with her own line that is dedicated to the reimagination of the contemporary bride, offering fresh perspectives and styles that brazenly embody the feminine spirit. Sensual and rooted in the slightly fantastical, Viola Chan’s wedding […]

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Wedding Dress Trends 2022

7 wedding dress trends of 2022 for your dream day. This wedding season is full of stunning styles and silhouettes that are worth celebrating! Post-pandemic brides are adopting all details and traditions of a wedding day- more brides are saying yes to the dress- twice, or falling in love with dresses that transition with detachable […]

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