2022 Summer Wedding Trends

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A bride and groom in front of a European building with the sun shining above them.

It’s hard to believe that not only are we in a new year already, but that summer is practically around the corner! So what’s in store for 2022 summer wedding trends? Well, it’s not a surprise that the pandemic has had an impact on weddings worldwide in a number of ways. As a result, weddings have shifted and transformed over the last two years with many being postponed. Thankfully 2022 holds more promise, especially later in the year as the weather gets warmer and many couples finally tie the knot. That’s good news because who can resist a summer wedding? If you’re wondering what’s on deck for the latest styles and themes in the wedding industry, here’s what to look out for when it comes to 2022 summer wedding trends.

Casual Luxury

A wedding reception table in a rustic farm setting.

The pandemic has forced us to be a little more relaxed but we still want our luxury, which is what this vibe is all about. When deciding on the overall theme of your summer wedding there’s less emphasis on heavy traditions, perfection, and opulence. Instead summer weddings are all about exploring a laidback vibe that’s still a little bit glam and sophisticated in all the right places. Think outdoor weddings with epic dance parties, cocktail parties at sunset, food truck parties with semi-formal attire, and even unique destination weddings. Think less beach parties (although those are totally acceptable) and more along the lines of renting out large properties like villas, cottages, and farmhouses, and having a huge fancy “house party.” No matter where you choose to host your summer wedding, think casual luxury and you’ll be right on trend.

Laid Back Florals

When it comes to flowers, think green, green, and more green. Whether it’s draped across staircases, suspended over tables, or lining the aisle, greenery isn’t going anywhere—it’s everywhere. Think large leaves, succulents, and all types of luscious florals. Speaking of flowers, summer is the perfect time to really lean into wildflowers and any floral design that’s casual and chic. Remember: the summer is all about easy luxury and a “no fuss, no muss” elegance. Be less perfect and precious and more laidback and organic with your floral arrangements.

Pastel Colors

A wedding reception table decorated with greenery and orange and yellow flowers.

Not surprisingly, typical summer colors are mostly bright and vibrant with an emphasis on sunflower yellows, bright blues, and mint green. Pastels are also big in an understated way, so think mauve, sage green, dusty blue, sea green, lavender, and blush. These dreamy colors are reminiscent of a boho outdoor wedding in the French countryside or a beach wedding at sunset. It all ties back to that modern elegance blended with a cozy and intimate feeling.

Fun Entertainment

After two years of separation, 2022 is the time to bond with the people we love the most. Consider splurging on big entertainment for your wedding as a way to connect with your friends and family and create some amazing memories together. From a photo booth to carnival rides to lawn games to psychics to performers, this is where you can go big. Trust us—it will be worth it.

Minimal Decor

A wedding ceremony in a mountain setting with trees.

Minimal decor is key for this year, especially as we head into summer. Less is more in the warmer weather and you’ll see that reflected with the trends. Don’t go over the top with your decor. Instead, opt for a venue with a stunning backdrop or view. Chances are you’re having an outdoor wedding (or at least have access to the outdoors) and this is where you’ll play up the ambiance of your big day. Think sweeping views and beautiful Mother Nature when it comes to making a statement with visuals. The rest? Leave it as minimal and chic as possible.

As you can see from the examples above, 2022 summer wedding trends are all about keeping the day intimate and understated with an emphasis on connection and making your day as fuss-free and memorable as possible.

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