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As social distancing continues to limit the ability to complete your wedding planning checklist, it can be hard to stay motivated. Why not give yourself a much-deserved break and organize a wedding movie night with a few of your best gals? You can connect via video chat app such as FaceTime or Zoom, and watch at the same time, or recap your fave parts afterward— think movie club! Not sure where to start? Prepare for a night of inspiration and fun with these Amazon Prime Video selects.

1. The Wedding Year

Grab your pinot and get ready to belly laugh. We love how relatable this movie is. Sarah Hyland shines as Mara, a 27-year-old who’s terrified of commitment until she meets her match in Preston (Keith David). The two test their new relationship while they attend seven weddings… in a year.

2. Four Weddings and a Funeral 

You know a movie is truly iconic when it gets a modern adaptation. Maybe it’s the dynamic between Charles (Hugh Grant) and Carrie (Andie Macdowell), or the way comedy is woven so seamlessly into the story, but there’s something about this 1994 hit that gives us the warm fuzzies.

3. My Best Friend’s Wedding 

I mean does this even need an explanation? Cameron Diaz. Julia Roberts AND Dermot Mulroney— all in one dreamy flick. This classic 1995 romcom is packed full of moments that will make you laugh, cry and want to cringe with concern for our girl Julia. Let’s be honest, this one will forever make the list. 

4. The Big Wedding

We laughed so hard we cried. This 2013 romcom has a cast packed full of superstars (Diane Keaton, Robert Deniro, Amanda Seyfried, AND Katherine Heigl…to name a few) and enough OMG scenes to make your head spin. It’s heartwarming, hilarious, and so realistic you may feel like you’re at a family gathering by the end.

5. Destination Wedding

Before this dry and delicious comedy came along, we could never quite find a film that captured all the feelings that run through your head when “that ex” invites you to their wedding. Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder make it easy to imagine and present the argument as to why you should always rsvp yes to a destination wedding… who knows what could happen. 

6. Bridesmaids

Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph are the only power couple that matters in life and in this side-splitting tale of two best friends on two very different paths. When Lillian asks her best friend to be her maid of honor, it puts their friendship to the test in hilarious ways they could never imagine.

7. Sex and the City: The Movie

When we found out about this movie back in 2008 our hearts collectively melted at the thought of FINALLY seeing Big and Carrie get their happily ever after. In true SJP/Carrie fashion, the dress alone fulfilled all of our dreams. Double feature anyone?! If you just can’t get enough SATC (like us) the second movie delivered one of the most iconic wedding scenes of all time— Liz Taylor serenading Anthony and Stanford as they finally said their I Do’s.

8. Mamma Mia

This warm and fuzzy flick is set to the iconic discography of ABBA with the most swoon-worthy wedding backdrop of all time. Tap your feet, hum along and get inspired by Meryl Streep’s best work… don’t judge!

9. 27 Dresses

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Katherine Heigl stars as Jane, a sweet assistant who’s hopelessly in love with her boss. You can’t help but want to laugh and cry with her as she looks for love in all the wrong places. Get the tissues and chocolate, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

10. The Wedding Planner

Jennifer Lopez stars as Mary, a wedding planner that can’t seem to find love in her own life. She serves some seriously hilarious and real moments while falling in love with the wrong person… *cough cough* Matthew McConaughey. 

11. Made In Heaven

This new Amazon Original series is brimming with color, culture and just the right amount of drama— prepare to binge. Tara and Karan are THE wedding planners of Delhi, India but even they are shocked to find out the darkest secrets of Delhi’s elite.

12. Weird Weddings

If you never thought a couple would host their wedding at a clown convention or get hitched while free-falling out of a plane, this offbeat docu-series is for you. There’s no shortage of WTF moments and laughs… something we all need more of right now.

– Bénja Gladden

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