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Most Curious Manchester, 29 February 2020: Introducing the Wedding Suppliers Exhibiting

Can you believe it’s just one month until Most Curious London, which kicks off on the 7th Feb! We’re excited! But we also wanted to give you a first look…

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Sustainability in Weddings: Eco Suppliers and Exhibitors at MOST CURIOUS London (Part 2 of 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the sustainability edit from our mega exciting Most Curious 2020 London exhibitors! In Part 1, we introduced you to the amazing, inspiring outfitters we have…

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Eco-Aware Wedding Suppliers and Exhibitors at MOST CURIOUS London (Part 1 of 2)

As the turn of a new year approaches (and a new decade, but we’re trying to ignore that existential crisis-inducing fact), we like to chat about the trends we foresee…

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bridalNEXT: Meet the 20 next generation wedding suppliers exhibiting at MOST CURIOUS 2020 + Save 15% on Tickets, Workshops + Merchandise

bridalNEXT London is super special this year because of our new and level up-ed team up with Love My Dress to champion the best new, emerging names in the wedding…

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